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I really enjoy hearing from you and reading your comments.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate comments on blog posts and you letting me know what YOU like. I know its easy to check out a blog and move on so when you comment it really means a lot to me. Because the only way I can tell (without you commenting) what you like to see is by looking at the numbers. Numbers that don’t tell me much actually. I don’t know if everyone is checking out a post because it’s GOD awful or if it’s really good and something I should do more often.

So if you get a chance to let me know what you like once in a while that really helps. This is fun for me but I also want it to be something that is useful to you too!

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  1. Ruth says

    my apologies! I really enjoy your posts and that you seem like you’re having a great time creating them. I’m such a fangirl of makeup and nail polish that it’s exciting to see the new products. We have a different skin tone but have a lot of the same picks in lippies. oh, red lippies, how i adore you!

  2. Robin says

    I look forward to every post and video from you. Truly what I like about your channel/blog is your personality, feel free to talk about our fave cleaning products and ill watch! I love when you hate on things though :)

  3. Robin says

    Also I often want o comment on your videos but the YouTube mobile app has no allowed I so I have to log on through the net, to do all that I have to reeeeeeally want to say something

  4. Kay says

    I agree with Robin…I would listen to you talk about your favorite cleaning products, the weather, and everything else. Out of everybody that I watch on YouTube, I get most excited about your videos.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you about this for awhile, do you think you can tell us in a video or a blog post about your skincare routine?

    • says

      Thank you! It’s so nice of you to watch the videos and come here. I really should do a skincare video it’s something I haven’t talked about in a long time. Thank you!

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