Congrats My Paradise Blush Winner!

Lanesha is the My Paradise blush winner! She told me in her email reply to my congrats you’re the winner email that she called all the Mac’s in her area to find one of these blushes and they are out. I’m so glad she won this and I’ll mail it out tomorrow so she can get it this week:) Yay!

More giveaways coming soon!

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    *does the I won dance* lol.. I was seriously considering dropping the 50 – 60 dollars that they wanted for this on ebay because I really wanted it. I had been told they had it at a Macy’s about an hr and a half frm me and I made that drive just to find out that they’d been sold out for days.. And the manager of the MAC counter called their customer service line and NO ONE has this darn blush. I was about to give up on it when I got Crystal’s email. :D

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