Covergirl Bombshell Lips & Tickled Pink Tips for Just $10


Covergirl Bombshell Lipstick #327 ($6.99) and Outlast Tickled Pink Nail Polish ($2.99) at Ulta

I love a deal and this duo was a total of $10 which is great. I love Covergirl lipsticks and I kept seeing the new shade Bombshell on YouTube and in blogs so I had to get it. And while at the store I saw the perfect nail color to go with the lipstick. Tickled Pink is a pretty creamy pink shade. There is a Bombshell nail polish from the recent collection release but I wanted a bright pink without glitter or sparkles.

Did I mention the lipstick was $7 and the nail polish was $3? I just want to brag again about that. Here we go with some pics!



And now the lipstick! Calling all Bombshell’s y’all ready for this?




Check this out at the drugstore or at Ulta. I’m not sure if this lipstick shade is limited edition or not. I have only seen this shade in displays not in the regular aisle at the store. I love quite a few Covergirl lipsticks like Spellbound and Hot. The only thing is that they do stain my lips so be aware of that. Just thought I’d share a great inexpensive combo! Deals make me soooo happy.

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  1. Niki T. says

    That lipstick looks amazing! Definitely going to have to pick up some! I do not own enough lipstick (no, really I don’t lol).

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