Covergirl Natureluxe Water Resistant Mousse Mascara

















I picked up this Covergirl Natureluxe Very Black Mascara a few weeks ago. I was really interested in trying it out because I wanted to see if a mousse or lighter formula would work for me or frustrate me. Well guess what it really worked for me! I really like the brush. I am all about a mascara brush/wand in case you haven’t seen me review a mascara before. This brush is plastic, durable, and separates the heck out of my lashes and coats even the stubby difficult little teeny half lashes I’m cursed with.

I really am torn between plastic and traditional “bristle” type mascara brushes. I love how thorough plastic brushes are but for real volume (which I love) I always need a different type of wand. Here are some before and after shots. Sorry the before shot is kind of blurry.









Overall I really like this mascara. I like the light mousse formula and despite its lightness, it’s very buildable. I used two coats for the after picture above. I have tried three coats of this mascara and it still looks good. I’ve been using this tube for a few weeks and I’m really impressed with how you can try anything with this mascara and it performs really well. My lashes also remain somewhat soft after several layers of product which I like. I hate stiff lashes. Natureluxe doesn’t give me super volumized lashes but it gives me naturally pretty more defined lashes. It’s also relatively easy to remove at night for a water-resistant formula.

For approximately $11 I think it’s a good purchase.  There are three colors available currently. Check it out if you’re looking for a light more natural mascara.

Rated: B+

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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  1. Haitian1130 says

    Hmmm…not bad at all. It definitely gives length. Have you tried Maybeline Falsies Flare? I tried it and the results I got wasn’t too different from Million Lashes.

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