Crown HD Brush Set Giveaway!

I picked up this great set from Hautelook for one lucky winner recently.

I hope you like soft makeup brushes because these are the softest ever! This set is valued at $70, but I got it for $30 on sale.

7pc. HD Set includes one of each of the following:
1 – Powder
1 – Blush
1 – Foundation
1 – Blending Crease
1 – Oval Shadow
1 – Pointed Liner
1 – Double Sided Spatula
1 – Metal Mixing Plate
1 – Patent Leather Case
Good luck guys, international readers are welcome to enter. This is for everyone!

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  1. Kari says

    Would have to be completely unoriginal and say Sigma, but I do use my Crown brushes just as much. Love them. Thank you, I so enjoy your videos!

  2. Ratha says

    My favourite bargain brand that I can access would be ecotools brushes. I have a couple which my sister gave to me but I don’t know what brand they are as the brand is not printed on the handle :P

  3. vanessa.m says

    my fave brand overall is sigma, but i like other brushes like mac, crown brush, coastal scents, or even elfs flat top brush.

  4. Marie-Josee says

    Actually I am using Coastals Scents brushes, they are not bad but I do want to try other brands not as expensive as Mac.

    Thank you :)

  5. CharlotteCL says

    I like my Fräulein3°​8 brushes but also love ELF & Urban Decay.

    Crown & Sigma are def on my to buy list :)

  6. Amber H. says

    I love the Real Techniques brushes! They are so soft and wash up nicely. They are my current fave! thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  7. Natalia says

    i would have to say Sedona Lace, because i have the 12 pieces brush set in pink and it`s beautiful :D and i love doing my make up with that, i only have one sigma brush and it is a kabuki so i cant talk about all brushes.
    thanks for this giveaway!

  8. Alexcia says

    hmmm…not sure what my favorite brand is maybe MAC because I just love my 217 brush, but I only own 3 MAC brushes…I mostly use my sigma brushes that I just got last month and before that I had some cheap brushes from target I got years ago.

  9. Pernille says

    I use the Nilens Jord brushes and some L’oreal brushes too. They are the only ones I’ve tried, so they must be my favorite :)

  10. Alice Chaffin says

    I love this blog because it is honest and the personality that Crystal brings to her videos really inspires me. I have tried many suggestions and they have been right on.

  11. Veronique says

    I really don’t have a favorite, but I really have been wanting some crown brushes… that and sigma

  12. Barbette says

    I have been a fan of the Real Techniques brushes. However, Urban Decay and Sigma has some really nice quality brushes.

  13. Erica says

    Eco Tools and Real Techniques really make affordable brushes that are still great quality. I love mine.

  14. Annie says

    I love sigma brushes the most and buy them on brushes that I would probably use a lot. I don’t use foundation every day, so I buy brushes for the face from ELF.

  15. Hafsah Tarar says

    I own mostly Coastal Scents brushes so I gues they’re my favourite, but I’d love to own Sigma, Mac and other higher end brushes!

  16. Ro-Shane says

    The brushes I own are ‘brand-less’. These commodities are scarce in Jamaica but I would love to try Crown brushes.

  17. Sherry B. says

    All of my brushes, except for one, are the brushes that come with products! lol So….. I guess I’ll have to say the only name-brand brush that I own; it’s the retractable blush/bronzer brush from EcoTools.

  18. Maria says

    Right now i love this pink foundation brush from coastal scents but it has no number or name and i believe its discontinued now. I hate when that happens when u find something good and u wanna get more but now its no longer available

  19. says

    I love my sigma brushes but I have to go with Sedona Lace! They are very comparable to Sigma brushes, in my opinion. Plus they are a fraction of the price! I especially enjoy the Vortex collection…my favorite!

  20. Amber says

    Well since the only brushes I own right now that are any sort of brand are Real Technique those are my favorite

  21. Coco says

    The Sephora brushes have a good range and are pretty affordable. Also, loving the Real Technique brushes right now. xx

  22. Sadi says

    I love the Real Techniques and Sigma brushes! They are so soft. They are my current fave!
    thanks alot for the awesome giveaway!

  23. Alice Chaffin says

    My favorite brushes are Sigma but I use many professional quality type of like Lancome and Chanel.

  24. shirley says

    i have some coastal scents brushes, and they get the job done, no complaints, but i would love to own a good set of brushes one day :)

  25. Sarah says

    I would love to try real techniques and then just the basic mac brushes the 217 etc but these look awesome. Currently I just have some sephora burshes and others that have come with kits

  26. Veronica says

    I love Real Techniques brushes and the Hello kitty brushes from sephora because they are crazy soft!

  27. Jennifer says

    My favorite brand of makeup brushes are elf brushes because they are affordable and are the only one’s I have been able to use!

  28. Jessica H says

    I do love Sigma brushes but I do love ELF brushes too because they are very good quality for relatively cheap brushes :)

  29. Stephanie Hurtado says

    Well I’m new to the makeup world, but so far I started with the elf professional brushes and I like them!

  30. Little Miss Spooky says

    I don’t really have a fave brand :( I have a few mixed random brushes and a little set I got a few years back that don’t have a name on em…

  31. Gintare says

    i don’t have my fav :( because i have only 2 brushes and it’s just some cheap ones, i don’t even know the brand

  32. Genia says

    I love the bareMinerals brushes! the concealer brush is perfect to fit in small spaces and never loses shape!

  33. Leslie says

    I am a newbie with brushes so not sure what my favorite brand is right now, but I would love to try out something good! :)

  34. Glynis says

    I have on my wish list- professional quality brushes. I have some that I have used over the years, but could really use some new ones. I feel lucky. Cute case too!

  35. Marisol colon says

    I love make up brushes!!! I would love to test the crown brushes, I have only read positive reviews:)

  36. Jessica says

    I’m guilty of usually using ELF studio line brushes, but I would really love to try Sigma! This Crown Brush set looks gorgeous!

  37. Maria José says

    I don’t have many brushes but i’m lucky enough to have some elf brushes and i love them! i wish i could get them here because they are so soft and cheap!

  38. Shannon says

    I just bought real techniques brushes and I really have nothing to compare them too. I would love to try sigma or bdellium though.

  39. Ruth says

    I have some cheap ones that were purchased at ross/tj maxx and eco-tools. but my favorite was the sephora angled gel liner brush! be still my heart!

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