(CLOSED)CVS Beauty Clearance Giveaway!

I went back to CVS and got some clearance goodies for one lucky winner!

Good luck all:)


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  1. Pernille says

    Well, since I don’t live in the US, I can’t really say one you might know. A Sephora has just opened, but have never been inside it, so i have to say Matas.

  2. Nobu says

    CVS! I work in DC and there are literally 5 CVSs within 3 block radius!
    btw, the color tatoo in pomegranate punk and l’oreal infallible in pink sapphire that you suggested went together sooo well :) love it!!

  3. Andreea says

    I don’t really buy from drugstores as there are not many in my town, but there is a really nice market that I like buying from, called dm (dm-drogeriemarkt).

  4. Barbette says

    That’s a tough one because my first love was Walgreens until I changed jobs and there is a CVS in my building. I think because I get more coupons and bogo opportunities I’ve transitioned to be a CVS girl.

  5. JulieL59 says

    I would have to say Walgreens or if you declare Target one, then Target. Sadly there is not an Ulta, CVS, or RiteAid within 250+ miles of where I live!

  6. Maiada says

    In Egypt there’s one called “El-Ezaby”, I also liked “Boots” a lot when I visited the UK

  7. Kelsey says

    Rexall (Canada) .. or walmart. Walmart is usually the cheapest unless another store has a REALLY good sale. Everything is so marked up in Canada :(

  8. says

    my fav drugstore woould be Walgreens but really like CVS too because I live in PR & CVS brings me more stuff from the US that Walgreens just doesn’t (don’t know why) anyhow, I love both :)

  9. Kelly Young says

    In the UK we only really have 2 drugstores, unless you count pharmacies, so my favourite is Superdrug :) (i hope this is international if it isnt just disregard my entry)

  10. MorganS says

    Bed Bath and Beyond cause they get new things early and i feel like the same drugstore make up is cheaper there than CVS or Rite Aid.

  11. CharlotteCL says

    I would Say Superdrug cause we have very few here in the UK

    I am excited to visit Ulta next month :)

  12. Taylor (heyytaylorrr) says

    my favorite drugstore is CVS but I also buy a ton of makeup & beauty products from both Target and Harmons, which is a beauty supply store in my area :D

  13. zafirah says

    the only drugstore we have in Brunei is Guardian and drugstore makeup is really expensive.. l’oreal true match foundation costs $32.. that’s US$ 25..

  14. Annie says

    Personally I like my local Walgreens because it restocks often and because they often have BOGO1/2 off or BOGO sales, but I usually go to CVS because it’s walking distance.

  15. Rosalinda Olveda says

    my favorite drug store has to be Walmart cause you can always find EVERYTHING you need there.

  16. says

    CVS is my favorite drugstore.

    They always have great deals and sales and the Beautyclub incentives, the magic coupon machine along with a huge range of products.

  17. says

    My favorite drug store is Rite Aid.
    That is the only drug store by me that sells Wet n Wild plus all the other popular drugstore cosmetic brands.

  18. Ro-Shane says

    Well, since I don’t live in the US, I can’t really say one you might know. Just pharmacies here.

  19. charlotte says

    CVS and Rite Aid for different reasons… they both have fantastic sales and member privilges, CVS has the magic coupon machine, which rocks, plus the beauty club which give me cash back on a regular basis. Rite Aid is the best for LE items though.

  20. Sherry B. says

    I love both CVS AND Rite-Aid! Have one of each on my street and spend as much at one as the other. lol

  21. says

    i’m from the Philippines and we don’t have that much drugstores that sell cheap makeup, but we do have WATSONS, it sells everything including medicines. Thats also where we get imported US drugstore makeup products like ELF, Maybelline, Revlon and etc. ;)

    How I wish we had ULTA, riteaid and the others posted here so we can have access to great cheap quality makeup!

  22. Olivia Shauck says

    I love both Walgreens and CVS, but I have a Walgreens closer to me so I go there more.. :) I really wanted to try the HD nail polish, so I will need to gk and get some if I don’t win… :)

  23. carrie says

    definitely cvs because it is similar to walgreens but it has more sales, better coupons, and better deals overall

  24. Alexcia says

    Hmmm it has to be CVS because it’s the nearest 24 hour drugstore so if I forget to pick up my prescription I can go anytime…and the one I go to has a great beauty salesperson!

  25. Elizabeth says

    My fav drugstore has always been Walgreens because of their sales they have on makeup…but last night I went to CVS….they have everything that was on clearance clearly marked with the little yellow and orange clearance stickers and the girl that checked me out was super nice and even gave me a free coupon :)

  26. Cindy says

    Wow great finding at cvs I went but went to late I really wanted the rimmel mascara and the hd nail polishes as well as the cover girl at my 2 stores near by they were all out :) but will probably check out another I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they still have more clearance on cosmetics even if I’m late on the sale.

  27. Nikki says

    We don’t have Drug stores over here in New Zealand, But I buy all of my products from the warehouse, which is like a flash wal mart.

  28. says

    Thankyou so much for the giveaway! And good luck everyone :).
    My favourite drug store is Boots in the UK. It has my favourite nail polish brand Model’s Own and I will go in just to look :P.

    Good luck everyone! xxx

  29. Sherry B. says

    I would say CVS, but since I’ve moved to a new township where there is none, I’ll have to say Rite Aid. lol It’s only two blocks away from my house!

  30. says

    For me, it’s a tie between CVS & Walgreens! CVS because they have great deals in my area and Walgreens because they have a bigger selection of products and limited edition items in my area (from lines like Wet ‘N Wild, etc…)

  31. Ratha says

    My favourite drugstore would have to be Walmart :) they always have such good deals and low prices especially compared to Shoppers Drug Mart

  32. Chewy says

    I live in Australia so… Priceline. But I have been to an ulta in the states and I looooved it. But walgreens have good sales all the time so maybe walgreens?

  33. Annie says

    I like to shop around so some of my favorite drugstores are CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade. They carry different brands and each one runs sales all the time. Thank goodness for discount member cards -except there isn’t one for Walgreens :(

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