The CVS Beauty Clearance is Here! Get 50-75% Off on Drugstore Makeup!

It happens a few times a year and it couldn’t be more exciting in my opinion. The CVS Beauty Clearance can save you lots of money. Makeup at 50 or 75% off yesssssssss! Stuff from Almay, Revlon, WetnWild, L’oreal, and Rimmel just to name a few.

If you follow the master list and use the machine to scan your products (to verify sale pricing) this sale is fantastic!

The beautiful and amazing blogger Nouveau Cheap has compiled a master list and FAQ’s to make the sale as stress free as possible if you follow them. Please read her post. The most frustrated people I hear from about this sale didn’t read the FAQ’s and miss out on products they could have gotten because they didn’t see any sale stickers for example. I say no sale stickers is better because the stores with no stickers up have everything still there! It pays to read everything on the sale and then go to CVS…

The link to the master list of products that have been reduced on Nouveau Cheaps website is here. Please read it and get going!!

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  1. Stacy says

    I was so happy, went to CVS and bought 3 Cover Girl Foundations in my shade. All of the shades were not on clearance but the shade I use actually were (Which never happens!!) Paired w/Coupons & CVS extra bucks got all 3 foundations for 1.70. Went back today for some beautiful Milani Shadows..Love!!
    PS~ You’re awesome! I always enjoy your videos. :)

  2. says

    Somewhere I heard about her post and hightailed it over to her site. I went through the master list and made my own list. There’s a CVS right across the street from my job (TROUBLE). Anywho nothing was running up on sale which I guess is a good thing since I don’t need jack! I may try again. I need to look at my list again *head palm*

    • says

      Yeah I’m hoping after today the 8th that some things ring up on sale. I want those freakin lip butters to ring up on sale. Especially the Plum one and the Almay Get Up and Grow mascara. I love that stuff!

  3. Christina F says

    Since yesterday I went to 2 different stores on opposite ends of Houston and found that some items on clearance in one store may not be on clearance in another. I was able to get lots of good stuff but I wasn’t able to find any of the Revlon Lip Butters on clearance at either store. I did find a Color Burst Lipstick in Rosy Nude for 75% off and am really happy with the color.

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