Deal Alert! NYX $1.20 Anniversary Sale (5/15 starts at 12pm PST)


One of my favorite beauty friends MsFynemaple on Youtube let me know about an amazing sale that starts tomorrow at 12 pm (PST) on the NYX cosmetics website,

It’s their 12th Anniversary and most of what they have (excluding sets I believe) is going to be on sale for $1.20. They have limited quantities and the sale is for 12 hours total. So get in there fast to get your favorites or stuff you have always wanted to try!

I am excited! Are you?

Thanks again to Colet for letting us all know! Please check her channel out on YouTube (, she’s the best!


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      It wasn’t any fun trust me. I couldn’t put my order through and I tried many many times over the sale period. They offered everyone 50% off if they couldn’t get their order through but thats not as great as $1.20!

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