Deal Alert: Pixi & Pop Beauty On Sale

Check out Hautelook here using my free invite to check out the deals on Pixi and Pop Beauty cosmetics.

Where else in the world can you get a week of makeup for $9.50? This is the best thing up for sale in my opinion. I picked one up for a future giveaway just now and I think it might already be hard to get. It’s only 15 minutes after the sale started! But don’t worry there a lot of other amazing deals and some Lorac products are still up for sale. On Hautelook you have to act fast to get the good stuff!

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  1. Barbette says

    I got mine and I picked up a Lorac palette. This week was deadly for me because I went to Ulta, Nars, Mac, ordered from Sleek, HauteLook and Cherry Culture. I hope March is a slow makeup month because I am putting myself on a freeze – only $10 or less purchases. I really hope I am not tempted by anything faboulous:-)

  2. Barbette says

    Dior is on my list but I have not stepped up to that counter yet. I am completing faces right now. For a long time I would have a product from this line and a product from that line. I am taking each line and buying everything I need to complete a face in that line. It’s been a fun project…the slightly downside is – I’m running out of storage space FAST!

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