Deborah Lippmann Fast Girls Base Coat

Deborah Lippmann Fast Girls Base Coat, $20 at Nordstrom

I am new to using base coats but this one I love! It’s so pricy but nothing I’ve used in the last year or so has dried faster or helped protect my nails more. I wanted to start using a base coat regularly to help with nail discoloration. I love deep nail shades so my nails suffered so much due to the deep blues, greens, and blacks that I regularly use. And lets not forget the hot pinks and bright oranges I like to throw on sometimes.

I’ve tried a few base coats since the beginning of the year but I notice the best results with this one. Cue the sad violin music because it’s $20 a bottle. My nails really haven’t shown any color changes since using Fast Girls for the last few months. When I don’t have polish on they look like I don’t ever wear any harsh colors and thats a first. In the past I kept my nails polished to hide the fact that they were not the best looking things when they are bare. Not anymore!

From Nordstrom’s website:

Fast Girls Instant Base Coat is a super fast-dry base coat that applies effortlessly to ensure easier, even color application. Remember, your base coat is a must-have for the perfect mani because this treatment step hydrates nails, prevents brittleness and yellowing, creates a flawless canvas for color and allows for increased wear.

The new fluid formula is completely transparent and dries in a flash, so there are no excuses for skipping this important step or not allowing the solvents to fully evaporate. The optimized balance of nail-friendly ingredients in Fast Girls prevent staining, yellowing and limit water penetration to reduce splitting for beautiful nails – with or without lacquer.

If you are interested in checking out Fast Girls and you need additional manicure stuff consider the Deborah Lippmann Fast Track 5 Piece Manicure set. It’s available at Nordstrom also and for $40 you get Fast Girls and a lot more from Deborah Lippmann to try out.

From Nordstrom’s website:

  • Nail the perfect manicure with a marvelous set that helps you get the perfect look in record time. 

    Set includes:
    - Cuticle remover (0.27 oz.)
    - Cuticle oil (0.27 oz.)
    - 2 Second nail primer (0.27 oz.)
    - Fast Girls quick dry base coat (0.27 oz.)
    - Addicted to Speed ultra quick dry top coat (0.27 oz.)

    How to use:
    Step 1: Give your cuticles some love. Use the Cuticle remover to soften them so you can gently push them up and off your nails.
    Step 2: Go ahead and give your nails some Cuticle oil to keep them hydrated.
    Step 3: Apply 2 Second Nail Primer to clean and prep your nails.
    Step 4: Apply Fast Girls quick dry base coat to create the perfect canvas.
    Step 5: Apply your favorite nail color.
    Step 6: Finish up with a coat of Addicted to Speed ultra quick dry top coat for a glossy finish.

    • Formaldehyde-free; toluene-free; and DBP-free.
    • By Deborah Lippmann.

I love everything in this set and I think its worth it if you’d like to try out a bunch of things and see if they work for you. The bottles will take a long time to use up and it’s really nice to me at least to have everything you need all at once! I like a little one stop shopping:)

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  1. JC says

    You should also try the DEBORAH LIPPMANN “Addicted To Speed Top Coat”. My all time favorite top coat used to be “seche vite top coat” until I found the deborah lippmann one. This top coat is amazing, it dries almost as fast as my seche vite minus the shrinkage. But what I like the most is the unbelievable shine you get with this on!! (the only issue I had at the begining was that “it bubbles” if you don’t put enough pressure when you apply it, but once I figure that out no more bubbles). I also tried the NYC Grand Central Station, it doesn’t shine as much as the Deborah lippmann one. You can read reviews at Sephora.

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