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This new mascara from Dior came out a few months ago. If it’s one thing I finally understand now it’s that DIOR KNOWS MASCARA. I’ve tried almost all of them and they are all good. My favorite (before trying this) was Diorshow Black Out. It’s good. It’s super black and creates amazing volume. When New Look came out I couldn’t wait to see the wand/brush. When I did see it, I was disappointed. The brush wand is really small. So the tube was in my cabinet for a few months. I pulled it out finally not expecting much but what I got was amazing.

That “little” wand brings out lashes that weren’t even visible before. I’m a volume girl when it comes to mascara more so than length but I get both with this! And here’s a big plus…I don’t have to be on “clump watch” all the time. The texture of the formula is just about perfect. My lashes are really soft after using New Look too. I hate having hard stiff lashes after applying mascara. That can’t be healthy for them in my opinion. I don’t know how the small brush wand is making this happen but it does!







before/after-two coats

This is worth checking into for mascara fanatics. It’s $28.50 a pop but I’d repurchase more in a heartbeat. This won’t replace the love of my life Armani’s Eyes To Kill but it comes close. Check this out at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. It also comes in blue and brown if you aren’t a fan of black mascara.

Here is the description for New Look mascara:

Diorshow New Look features an exclusive, breakthrough nano brush to catch and coat every last lash with the precision of a couturier’s hand. The extraordinary formula extraordinaire, with a Lash Amplifier™ ingredient, offers instant lash-multiplying action.

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