Dior Plaza #579 & Riviera #537 Nail Polish

Dior has come out with a few pretty polishes and I have two to show you today. I will follow up with the third shade that I picked up called Lucky very soon.

Plaza is a beautiful pink and Riviera is a pretty orange coral.

Plaza and Riviera Nail Polish








Plaza Nail Polish








Riviera Nail Polish

I used a base coat, two coats of Dior color,  and then finished with a top coat. I love the Dior nail polish wand (Is that what you call it?) because its thick and somewhat flat. It was a learning curve at first but now I can paint my nails really fast. It’s amazing how with a good wand you can make less mistakes and do a rush job and it still looks nice!

If you’d like to see what inspired me to get these two colors or if you want to see these shades on a lighter skin tone please check out The Beauty Look Book’s post here. These shades are $23 each. Check your favorite Dior counter quick these are gonna fly off the shelves. Good Dior colors usually do!

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  1. Alexcia says

    Have you ever done a video on how to give yourself a professional manicure? Your nails look great! When I try and do mine a night after the kids are in bed, I fall asleep while they are drying and well its a hott mess in the AM. And my cuticles look dry.

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