Dolce & Gabbana Blush: Mauve Diamond & Sole

There are two new (to me) blushes that I am breaking out starting today. I purchased them a while ago but today they are coming out of their boxes! They are both beautiful and if you’ve never tried a D&G blush ($44 each) let me tell you that they are worth checking out.

I have pulled Mauve Diamond and Sole (trend alert-this is ORANGE!) out of their little velvet satchels and they are ready for action:)

If you ever want any D&G I highly recommend Nikki from Saks in Houston. Besides being an amazing expert on D&G she’s a huge makeup lover like most of us. To get Mauve Diamond or Sole or anything else D&G call her at 713-627-0500 ext. 5101.

Here’s Mauve Diamond….


























and Sole….

The Beauty Look Book has swatches of both Mauve Diamond and Sole. Check them out!

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