Dolce & Gabbana Makeup Haul

I’ll be trying out these D&G products over the next week and start reviewing things soon!




Powder Foundation #160 Sable (use wet or dry!)








Creamy Foundation #160 Soft Tan








Secret Eyes Mascara #1 Black








Passion Duo Lipstick #100 Satin








Desert Lipstick #109








Dahlia Nail Polish #160





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  1. Asia C. says

    YAY….I <3 D&G…they really do have some pretty great item. I have the same powder foundation color that I use in the summer time when I'm darker(so be careful, it might be a good one for you to use in the winter as I'm a few shades lighter than you;)). I haven't purchase the cream foundation yet, so would be interested to hear your thoughts, especially for oily skin. One last thing (this is getting long) if you like the color Desert, you might like Metallic as well. It is a similar color and has become my "go to" for fall, I layer Chanel Unity Glossimer over it and I'm good to go!! LOVE LOVE LOVE<3!!!

  2. Harsimran says

    Did you get a chance to review the powder foundation? Looking to buy it for the summer since I have really oily skin. Planning on just using it over my Diorsnow BB Creme….Any suggestions?

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