Dolce & Gabbana- Italian Monica Lipstick #160

It’s time for the last Monica. I picked up five of the six lipsticks in this collection from D&G and I’m going to show you the last one and thats kind of sad. Italian Monica is a chili pepper red. Truth be told I prefer blue based reds but as I’ve mentioned in the other posts for these lipsticks, the texture and comfort makes each one of these shades a stand out and I’m so glad I have them.


Italian Monica #160-$32

The Monica collection is available at some Saks stores and on their website. This is a limited edition collection so check them out sooner rather than later.
If you missed my other posts check them out by clicking on the Monica you’d like to see below. My favorite is Chic Monica!
Magnetic Monica: a sophisticated glossy plum
Only Monica: a candy pink sugared-almond shade
Chic Monica: a bright pink
Attractive Monica: a rich cardinal red

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  1. Rachel B. says

    Awww, I feel sad too for being the last one. =(

    Looking at all of them, Only Monica looks really pretty on you, perfect during the day strolling the meadow with Jinx in tow! The Attractive Monica will be times when you want to get noticed, like “Max, do not sip my soda!” And Italian Monica is for your date night with hubby!

    Btw, how does a blue-based red look? Compared to other reds?

    Thanks for swatching!

    • says

      Good examples! I love several blue reds. The ones I have been wearing the most are the recently re-released Mac Eden Rouge- and Nars classic Jungle Red- Mac’s Ruby Woo and NYX’s Chaos are some other good ones!

  2. Sarah says

    I’m dying to get a Jo Malone fragrance. Would you recommend the blackberry and bay (I think that’s the one you have, goldfish brain from hitting the comment button from just seeing the photo!!) as a good starter one for me? :o

    Is Jinx feeling any better? I know you said she wasn’t feeling very well a little while ago. Thank goodness she has her sweet little humans and pup to make her feel better! :)

    • says

      Jo Malone fragrances are wonderful. What type of fragrances do you like? I think its a good pick if you don’t like things that are too fruity and flowery. It’s a grown up scent. Are you near a Nordstrom or Neimans because at $60 I’d hate for you to be disappointed. Jinx is so much better, I talked to the Vet today and she asked how she was doing and we talked about how lucky we are it wasn’t a stroke. Cause the way she was favoring one side of her body it seemed like it. It looks like it might have been an inner ear infection. I still have to watch her to make sure it doesn’t come back. I’m so glad she’s ok. Thanks for asking!

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