Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation Soft Sable #180

I love D&G makeup and this is just as amazing as I had hoped. The fact that this is called Creamy Foundation worried me a little bit, I have combination skin so I was worried this wouldn’t be a fit but I’m glad to say it is. My t-zone doesn’t look like an oil slick after a few hours of wear and the color match is fantastic.

Here is a picture from a post I did recently of the deepest Creamy Foundation shades on the back of my hand.

#150 Almond, #160 Soft Tan, # 170 Golden Honey, and #180 Soft Sable

This foundation would be perfect if it wasn’t for the packaging. I’m not a fan of the heavy glass container that it comes in.

I don’t have a solution for a better container to put this in because of the creamy formula. I love the texture its like a thick mousse. It spreads onto the skin better than most liquid foundations. I’m not sure a pump would work. But I would love a more narrow container, but that might make it harder to get out…see I am not sure how to fix this. But I wish they would fix it. This whole delivery system brings out a bunch of anxiety in a makeup germaphobe like me. I don’t like that it’s just open, the spatula is nice but still. I can’t close the container fast enough after I scoop the foundation out.

This comes in such a heavy glass container that I don’t want to take it with me anywhere for fear it will break into a million pieces. So basically I love the product but I’d love a better container for it. Please work on this D&G, this has holy grail potential!

This retails for $66 but I’d be hesitant to re-purchase until they change the packaging.

Rated B-

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  1. says

    That foundation looks like it feels just heavenly on the skin. I’m with you on the packaging though. It isn’t exactly the easiest thing to travel with.

  2. Loretta says

    Crystal! Which would you recommend…D&G Perfect Finish or MACs Match Master? I’ve been wanting the match master since it came out but haven’t got it since it will be permanent. I’m on the Mainland for a bit I can actually get color matched for the D&G but if it not worth it, I wont waste my time…let me know. Thanks!

      • Loretta says

        ok! Your probably right, I’m not sure how the D&G would have held up on my skin in Hawaii. I’ll pick it up the Match Master this week!
        On another note are you going to pick up the dazzle glasses from the holiday collection?

        • says

          Yeah the Match Master works really well on my t-zone and keeps me matte longer. Do you mean the minis that come in sets? I’m going to skip those. I am excited about picking up a few things that are coming out in the collection that comes out later this month. I’m going to wait for that.

  3. says

    I transferred a quarter of this foundation into a plastic, screw top travel jar for daily use and travel. Not only is it lighter, but I don’t have dip daily into the main jar, risking contamination. I got my jar at the Container Store.

  4. says

    Dear, I would love to try this foundation…
    But here at Brazil we can’t find, so I have to buy online.

    I’m having so much trouble to find the right shade, and your swatches alredy help me a lot.

    Let ask somethig, if you dont mind.
    I am nc40-42 from MAC, with really yeallow/olive undertones
    The shades Almond and Golden Honey seems to some of my foundations…

    The quastions are:
    Is the 150 Almond pink/rosy or yellow undertone?
    Is the 170 Goldem Honey suitable for medium-tan skin like mine or is too dark?
    (there is a picture of me in the link bellow, I’am the one with curly hair:

    Honey, your help will be amazing!

    best wishes from brazil ;)

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