Dolce & Gabbana Secret Eyes Mascara Black #1

I would definitely consider myself a volume girl when it comes to mascara. I like thickness and lots of volume when it comes to coating my lashes. I want to look like I have falsies on if possible and then a lengthening mascara came into my life almost two months ago. Secret Eyes mascara has made me rethink things a little bit!









I looked at the mascara wand after opening this up and thought oh no…what can this do for me? Well see for yourself, it’s not crazy volume but I love the way my lashes look after two coats!









This isn’t a look I’m used to but after using this consistently for weeks I really do like how luxurious and super long my lashes look! This mascara is buildable and I have to tell you that I reach for this several times a week since I started using it. The formula is not tough on my lashes either. They remain soft after applying this mascara which is great because I hate stiff lashes that don’t move.

If you are into lengthening your lashes check this out! It’s $29 a tube so I am going to use every bit of this stuff:)

Rated B

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