Dolce & Gabbana Shocking Classic Cream Lipstick #290









I love pink lipstick! I couldn’t wait to get to know this pretty color from D&G. The packaging is beautiful, just what you’d expect to find from a pretty high-end lipstick. There are fingerprints on all my D&G products but not as bad as YSL thank goodness. YSL packaging stops looking pretty after day one. But what is really important is whats inside.

I am a freak about moisture and this D&G lipstick shade definitely passed the moisture test. The lipstick texture is creamy and smooth. I like the formula and the way this color wears off my lips. I got normal wear in general out of this lipstick. It lasted for several hours and I had no problem with wear through a meal and drink.








The only thing that I’m not happy about is the slight scent. It’s a powdery kind of smell that goes away quickly but still doesn’t work for me. It won’t stop me from adding more of these to my stash but I just prefer no scent at all, but that’s just me. This smells like grandma’s house which can be comforting or strange to you depending on the person. There are over thirty Classic Cream Lipstick shades available at Saks in this line. So there is something for everyone. At $30 a tube pick a color you love!

Rated B+

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