Don’t Be a Stranger….

I am a makeup lover/cosmetics junkie! I started a YouTube channel (crystalis007) in May of 2010 and I’ve never looked back! I love sharing my makeup hauls and reviews. My favorite brands are Mac, Nars, and a little wallet busting Chanel here and there. I think its safe to say I have a little bit of everything because I am a drugstore cosmetics lover too!

Thanks for stopping by. Check this site often and if you like YouTube, subscribe to me there too!

Please let me know if you have suggestions. Or things you want to see. This is a new adventure for me and I am having a ball but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make this website fun for you too.

If you can ignore my grammar mistakes and shoddy makeup photography…I’ll listen to your feedback. Deal? Good!

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  1. Mzkeyba says

    Congratulations. I love makeup as well and am a subbie on ur utube channel will be looking forward to following u n this new adventure

  2. Jenni says

    Hey you,
    I am already a subbie of yours on youtube and I also share your joy in makeup.. I also love high end makeup as well but they do not love my wallet back! =(.. Anyways keep up the great work and I hope to hear and learn more from you soon!

    • says

      On the home page click on JOIN THIS SITE in the Google area where it says join this site. Another window should pop up and you can click on yahoo or google if you have an email address through them. There are a few other choices there too. If you don’t have any of those things twitter, yahoo, google etc. the only option is to sign up for a google account, a new one. If thats to much just go ahead and sign up for email or RSS feeds and you can enter the NYX contest or the Happy Booster one.

  3. Andrea says

    I just wanted to say congratulations on your site! I’ve been a youtube subscriber of yours for a while and I love your videos. You have such a cute personality and are so pretty!

  4. Ashley says

    Hey Crystal!!!
    Just watched your IMATS haul on YT, I LOVE the lip color! I really enjoyed the show also (2010 IMATS was my ALL time favorite)
    I was trying to email you the pictures we took at IMATs, but see you have ours up already! Thank you so much!!

  5. Shantih says

    Hi Crystal:)

    I just wanted to say wanted to say I have been enjoying your YT channel and your new blog. Congrats to you and thanks so much for doing this. I just bought the clinique bottom lash mascara based on your review two weeks ago, and I love what it did for your bottom lashes…they looked amazing!!! And now mine look amazing also…thanks for reviewing it:)

  6. Shantih says

    Hi Crystal,
    Did you see that Nars just came out with their Summer 2011 collection, do you plan on getting anything from it/ or making a review?

  7. says

    I love your website. You have done a fantastic job on it.
    Check out my Facebook. I just took pictures of the Muji Drawers and posted it on Facebook.
    Thank you again for all the makeup………..especially the glitter.

  8. Lala says

    I am a make up fanatic, I found your channel on youtube and really got hooked on watching your vids. I am still trying to enter a giveaway but I seem to always miss the deadline. Thanks and keep doing the great job you are doing

    • says

      Thank you so much, us fanatics have to stick together! Please take a look at this site regularly because I plan to have my giveaways here mostly. Thanks for all the support:)

  9. Shantih says

    Hi Crystal, How are you? Happy Birthday!!!
    Two questions…I was wondering if we could see pic w/ the nars wonder lip gloss on your lips, it looks like a must have for me as well, just want to see what it looks like on the lips. Also, I don’t see the goggle friends tab…if you could help?:) Thanks!

  10. Lavendar says

    Hiya! I’ve been looking all over for you Google friend connect and I can’t find it, but I do see this message under your video:

    “We’re sorry…This gadget is configured incorrectly. Webmaster hint: Please ensure that “Friend Connect Settings – Home URL” matches the URL of this site.”

    Could this be why I can’t find your google connect???

      • Lavendar says

        Not a problem at all! I sometimes have problems with Google, so I just wanted to be sure my account wasn’t acting up again. Hope they get you fixed up real soon. I really enjoy your site!

  11. Felicia says

    Trying to enter the Mac giveaway contest with a comment and don’t quite know how to leave one under the description box. I am subscribed by google friend connect. I love your blog by the way. Please help!!

    • says

      Did you click on the title of the post? It sounds like you did but I’m just making sure. Because after you click on the name of the post and scroll down the white box appears and the Leave a Reply is there. Let me know, I’m so sorry! Thanks so much for saying that you like the site:)

  12. TheBigsis668 says

    Hello Crystal,
    I am very busy/successful business owner and have very little time to do things to relax, however I enjoy relaxing and checking out your vids. I most love your review on value and High to Mid-High end products. I try to buy the best products for my skin i.e moisturizers, foundations and blushes as well as skincare and your reviews have helped me Crystal. Eyeshadows im open to less expensive brands like Inglot and Urban Decay

    Keeper the goo

    • says

      Thank you for writing to me. I love both high end and budget beauty. Thanks so much for watching the vids and coming to the site:) It means so much that you say the reviews helped:)

  13. Sarah says

    hey luv!! I have a question, i just purchased the Mac lip erase….is it better to put this on before or after the lip prep and prime?? I saw you mention it in one of your hauls…have you had the chance to use it yet? (I have dark lips, so im hoping this helps my lipstick colors show better!)

    • says

      Hi! I am not sure because they both seem like what you put on before you put on lipstick. I don’t have the mac lip erase. The prep and prime lip stuff is like a balm and I use that before applying lipstick. I’m not sure they would work together because I’m not sure what they’d be like together. The prep and prime makes my lips nice and smooth and my lip surface even so the lipstick goes on smooth. Let me know if you like the lip erase!

  14. sassyfied says

    Hey Crystal I wanted to know if you’ve ever tried Mary Kay makeup? I looked at some videos on youtube which led me to ebay to purchase the timewise matte-wear and OMG! It is so beautiful I purchased bronze 5, and it works so well. Very beautiful finish and they also have a mattifier. Hope you try it out.

  15. Thebigsis668 says

    Hey Crystal,
    So I was reading your fab. blog and as usual under the high end items I see the summer 2011 eye palette for Armani and if those color didnt seem familiar to you pull out your UD NAKED palette : Hustle,Sin,Toasted, and Virgi in that order…pretty close Huh?..

  16. Natalie says

    Im a oily girl and I want to know what is a good face/eye primer. I tend to be a little dry around the eye. Any suggestions on a eye cream?. I also would like to know if you have sampled Beauty by Calvin Klein and your thoughts, if so?

    • says

      I like the Cover FX Clear Prep FX Matte foundation primer, its got some acne medication in it that helps keep the breakups away and it helps my makeup stay fresh during the day. I did a review of it on this site if you want to find out more. I don’t have an eye cream:) Yet! I lovvvvve Beauty by Calvin Klein. I did a review on here of that fragrance too.

  17. Andrea says

    Where did you buy the color club nail polish? I have been looking for some all over. Love your blog.


  18. Natalie says

    Crystal, I saw this trio in Sephora, recently, and I want to get your take on them. They are from NARS blush in Orgasm, highlighting blush powder in Albatross, bronzing powder in Laguna. Thanks my Beauty Guru!

    • says

      I think that looks really good. I’ve heard great things about Albatross as a highlighter. And Orgasm is just legendary. I think its a great way to get all three things at a fantastic price!

  19. nelle says

    I love ur posts and video’s, you should do a review on Fashion Fair Lip teasers, I just bought one in Vex and its amazing!

    • says

      Sure, my YouTube video of my collection is over a year old so it’s about time to do a new one. I’ll make sure to post it here when I put it up!

  20. Mel says

    Hey Crystal….I am new to this blogging thing and I have LOVED makeup since forever…it seems like since i have had my little girl I haven’t done much with make-up though. I am wanting to start a blog and review products and I was wondering if you could give me some how to tips on how to get free products to review…your blog is great and i love how you talk about everything from make up to skincare to nails…let me know if you have any how to’s about how to get the free sample products reviews!!!!


    Signed: Mel

  21. maria says

    Hi crystal this is maria i was looking at your vidoes and theres this video that you show 9 products for oily skin and on the killer combo which primer do you put first the doctor murad or the cover fx clear prep fx and where could i get these two products. Need help with really oily skin.

  22. maria says

    and after i put on the doc murad, cover fx and macs pro long wear what powder is good to finish it up and stay matte the longest

  23. says

    Hi there :)

    Me again, could you tell me the difference/benefits of using a Paint Pot over a Cream Base/cream eyeshadow?

    Sending you love from Barbados!


    • says

      Hi Lucinda:) I use them in the same way. I really don’t see a difference in Mac Paint Pots vs. the other cream bases I have like the Loreal HIP eyeliners/Benefit Cream Shadow Liners. I put any one of the three on after eye primer depending on the powder eyeshadow color I’m using. Sometimes I use them alone without eyeshadow. I’d say the Mac Paint Pots look better alone because they look more like a powder eyeshadow when they dry. I have one Estee Lauder Doublewear Creme Shadow and that works well too and I use it in the same way. Hope that helps, let me know if you have other questions! Crystal

  24. Eve says

    Hey, was wondering if u tried the new Bare Minerals Ready palettes, can u tell us what u think or review, pls and thanks

  25. Melissa says

    Hello Crystal,

    I love watching your videos and your choices of Chanel lipsticks. I love that you focus on moisture for the lips because I hate dry lips. I was wondering if you can do a video or review on Tom Ford’s scarlet rouge lipstick. I do not live near a high end store to check the colors out for myself but I am very tempted to purchase online. It is very difficult to see the swatches. I am always excited to see new products you have purchased. Congratulations with your blog success!

    • says

      Thank you so much for watching videos. Dry lips suck. I saw Tom Fords Scarlet Rouge at the store and its really pretty. I got two of the Tom Fords Violet Fatale and there were several good reds but I went with Cherry Lush and reviewed it. I went for it cause its so bright! Next time I’m at the Neiman’s I’ll see if I can do swatches of the Scarlet Rouge. Some stores are funny about that but it never hurts to ask!

  26. says

    HEy Crystal,
    i have 2 Muji drawer sets both are the 5 drawers, and my question is, do the other sets have different size drawers? Are the 3 drawers deeper than the 5, or are they the same??

    I LOOOOVe your vids, i found you through Frankie, Luv2Luv77. he is kind of my youtube BFF. If you saw some videos he did about hauling from Chattanooga Tn, that was me!!! LoL. He is always so sweet!

    anyway, Thanks in advance!!
    love and luck,
    Dee Dee

    • says

      I have the 3 drawer sets and they are the same size as the 5 drawers. I have them all stacked together. I think as long as you don’t get the ones that they specify as small they will all be the same size drawer wise. I love that once you put the 5 and 3 stack together you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins which is nice! Thanks so much for watching. Frankie is the BEST! I remember him talking about you that is so cool! Have a great holiday and thanks for writing!

  27. Hannah says


    i love your blog and you tube videos, very informative. i was looking at your blog post on the benefits watts up and just had to let you know about elf natural radiance blush in GLOW. It is amazing and gives just a wonderful glow to your skin i use it with or without makeup. i live in the caribbean and whenever i see them on sale i tend to buy at least five. it is really for all skin tones and give such a wonderful glow… omg sorry for the long post on one product, but try it and let me know what you think. Have a great day!

  28. Kaylyn says

    Hi Crystal, i just read your resent post about haters and I don’t want to believe that people could say anything negative about you! You are an absolutely beautiful woman with a glowing heart and radiant personality! I just love watching your videos and reading your blogs and I so wish we lived close to each other so we could enable our makeup habits lol! I think you are amazing for taking the time to write blogs and make videos to share your passion with others. I am an African American woman myself and have always been told that I sound like a white girl. It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it did when I was a teenager now it just makes me really sad! Sad that we have to tear each other down like that when we should be building each other up! Just sad…. Anyway please continue to do what you love and I will always be in your corner! *fist in the air holding a make-up brush*

    • says

      Thank you so much for saying that. I have heard comments about the way that I talk forever and its always been crazy to me cause I have always just talked like…me ha! Thank you for writing and it was so sweet of you to say your in my corner. Your as beautiful as your words thank you!

  29. Melissa says

    Hello Crystal,

    You are a beautiful women inside and out. Forget all the haters and continue to do what you love. I love all your lipstick/lipgloss videos. I would like for you to do a review on Illamasqua red lipsticks. Stay blessed! :)

  30. Guro says

    Hi Crystal!
    I love your blog and youtube channel, you are beautiful and keep up the good work! :D

    And I have a question, how many times can I enter each giveaway? :)

  31. Kimberley says

    you are my IDOL and I emailed you about something so if you could check that out I would probably cry from happiness!! I have been watching you FOREVER and have been subbed FOREVER and I have never questioned why I’m subscribed to you!! lots of love from your biggest fan!!

  32. Barbette says

    Hey Crystal,

    Ok so I am totally bummed that I missed out on the rescue beauty “Fan Favorites” polishes…ugh! I am going to Macy’s today for a pick me up, also because I haven’t gotten anything new in 2 weeks. The Mabelinne lip stains don’t really count. Do you have any recommnendations? Mac, Lush, Nars, Benefit, Stila etc. I think I got it – the Laura Mercier limited edition – Bonne Mine Healthy Glow creme palette sold only at Sephora. I’ve been eyeing it for a while especially after Sam – Pixiwoo used it in a tutorial, introducting the Real Techniques brushes.

    Man I’m chatty today. I hope you are having a great Tuesday! :-)

    • says

      That LM palette is a good choice I heard they made that for Sarah Jessica Parker. The colors are too light for me but I’ve seen tutorials on it too and it’s amazing!

  33. Alexcia says

    I just discovered you the other day and I have been obsessed with watching your videos. I was a makeup junkie as a teenager and now that I just turn 40 I decided to be a little more selfish and take better care of myself. That includes getting back into my love for makeup. You inspire me! Thanks!

    BTW do you do your own nails?

  34. Barbette says

    Hi Crystal,

    I have it from a reliable source that all NYX products will be 40% off next week at Ulta. Good time to stock up. Oh by the way, I picked up the OPI New York City Ballet collection….they opened the box for me…nice ladies. Very sheer but like Scrangie said – 3 coats and you get a pretty jelly finish. You have to like those delicate pale shades to like this collection.

  35. Alexcia says

    Thanks for the Ulta sale tip! Got a haul today of stuff I would have never tried if it weren’t for you! I got the PF powered lip gloss with the light in pink. Got nyx eye primer, powder blush (mosaic), nyx eye liners in black and brown, 4 ulta shadows, smashbox photo finish foundation primer, eco brushes and a host of stuff like Q tips etc. How did I do for my first haul in over 15 years? Oh and have you ever tried the ulta shadows? The colors and price was too good to pass up.

  36. Alexcia says

    You really have helped me support the makeup market! Today I went to Sephora and purchased benefits “The’re Real” mascara (a real splurge) but when I tried it on I new I would never to back to great lash (unless you tell me about a dupe. Also, I bought my daughter (she is 19) the limited addition smashbox eye shadow plate ($48) but I did get my 15% off. Lastly, I went to target and got the dupe of Nars orgasm blush (per a Sephora shopper)…and I have to say…the elf blush with bronzer is a dupe!

    No more hauls till May for me! Unless I find a really good sale!

    • says

      I’m so glad you got some stuff you like and for your daughter too thats wonderful! I love that you saved on your stuff too, thats the best! ELF is such a great brand for good products at good prices. Thanks so much for telling me you got some great stuff:)

  37. Pheybie says

    Hi i’m from Canada Québec and I love your energy and you make me so laugh haha I love watching your vids on youtube. Keep doing it

    I love your stuff

  38. Daniella says

    Hey Cristal! I love your videos so much! I get so excited when a new one comes up! Great quality,lightning, swatches and reviews! You have really helped me choose my makeup carefully and thank you so much! Keep up the good work :)

  39. Dani says

    Hey Crystal! I have a question for you! What are some good medium-high coverage drugstore foundations? i recently picked up the Revlon ColorStay and its working great but I want to try out some new ones! Thanks :) Love your vids :)

  40. Frieda says

    Hi there, just wanted to let u know that I always look forward to your videos. I was wondering did u try the Maybelline BB cream or any other BB creams, I was looking at the smashbox, but decided I check with u first. I always trust your recommendations. Thanks

    • says

      Thank you. I am still testing the BB cream from Maybelline out. I take some time with products like that to make sure they don’t make me break out. I swatched the Smashbox BB cream at Sephora recently but I didn’t wear it on my face. I might try it in the future. Sorry I was no help! The Maybelline BB cream review should be up late next week if I stay on schedule.

  41. Alexcia says

    OK now that I have watched all three mascara videos…I am ready for you to do a high end mascara video. I love the Benefits They’re Real, but my friend said she did a side by side with falsies (the original) and there was no difference between the Benefits and the falsies. I am to afraid to give it up, but its dried up now and I am using the Rimmel one that I won in your CVS givaway but once that is used up I will buy one of the ones you suggested…. unless you do a high end video and tell me that my love with Benefits is worth the $22:)

  42. kdrake31 says

    I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a phenomenal job with this amazing blog. I am so addicted now! :)lol. You have such a cool personality and I won’t forget how you came through with pictures when Mac’s Heavenly Creature collection came out. I searched high and low until finally I found your video on youtube. You were ahead of Temptalia! (I hope you have a staff like Christine does.) Thanks again and Stay Beautiful!!!!

    • says

      Thank you so much. I really love doing this and I loved that Mac Heavenly Creature collection. I am so glad you found the video. Thanks so much for checking out the blog and I wish I had a staff but its just me:) Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  43. Kassidy says

    Hi, I’m 15 and I’m new to makeup myself I watch/check your YouTube and blog almost everyday for updates. I think you do such a goodjob and you help me out a lot with the reviews and trying to find good products plus your a joy! I cant wait for more! If you have any product reccomendations that would be great! :D

    • says

      Thank you so much for watching YT videos and checking out the blog! I think the best recommendations come out of the monthly favorites videos. I’m thinking about doing this months video in two parts because I have so many favorites!

  44. Fallon j says

    Hi, I first discovered u on twitter and then on instagram, just checked out ur site n now am a fan on fb. Love what u do keep up thr good work
    Btw my favorite polish is my chihuahua bites by opi just love how flirty it is and compliments my skintone

  45. Daniella says

    Hey Crystal! I was wondering, what are the best eye primers you recommend? The Urban Decay Primer Potion seems great, but I was looking for more of a cheaper one. I currently only own the e.l.f eye primer and it seems to do its work for a few hours. I’m just starting on makeup, so I rely on your opinions A LOT :) Love your videos :D

  46. Kassidy says

    Hey Crystal I just wanted to let you know that today I saw that OCC Lip Tars are now available at Sephora! I know that I’m super excited :D.

  47. Dani says

    Hey Crystal! Just wanted to remind you of the awesome job that you are doing in this blog and your youtube channel! Thank you for all the great products you have recommended to me because some of them are my holy grail products now :) You are a lovely person! hahaha and btw I love Jinx <3

  48. Mary says

    I just wanted to let you know that when I saw the Instagram picture (you posted on the blog) of the Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop I HAD TO HAVE IT! It looked amazing. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  49. says

    Hi, if you ever offer advertising on your Blog let me know, I would be interested. I’m trying desperately to become a known “over 50′s beauty blogger” because there’s not many of us out there… but I need more followers to become recognized by the beauty industry.

  50. Desiree says

    I couldn’t have typed this any faster! I am a loyal subscriber of yours on YouTube (dtaylor8303) I was in my local CCO and you would not believe the new lines they’ve incorporated at CCO prices….. Tom Ford’s makeup line and JoMalone fragrance and candles. A pleasent surprise on this shopping day.

    • says

      I love that. I saw Tom Ford and Jo Malone at a CCO in NJ one time and lost my mind!!! I got some TF lipsticks cheap-for TF that is! Thanks I’m so glad you got some good stuff at your CCO.

  51. Barbette says

    Hi Crystal – I’m sure you’ve seen the email and know from other posts but check out NYX – wow they are coming out with some serious product. I like the lippies and the “Natural” palette.

    Hey do you have any tips for shopping the Archie’s Girls collection? I really want the products but fear it’s going to sell out at the blink of an eye. I signed up for the text alert and receive the emails. Which is better the MAC store, Macys or online? I’m just wondering with will have the full line. Ok enough obsessing.

    • says

      NYX is really coming out with some pretty new things!
      Doesn’t the Archie’s Girls collection look cool? I always go for online shopping. One of the things I do is keep up with on Mac collections. I can count on the makeup lovers there to have swatches up first (under Mac Collections look at the Archies Girls thread) or links to them. Since I’ve been on Specktra I feel more comfortable just using Mac’s online site to order. I have a really bad Macy’s really close to me that I refuse to enter. Ugghhh. And I don’t have a Mac Store close by. There are people on the Specktra thread that are going to the release parties all over the country for the collection (on Feb 5th I think) so they most likely will post swatches which again is why I love them!

  52. Felicia says

    Why oh why did you post the NARS 2013 spring collection? That blush looks like it is to die for! I am about to go broke messing around with you! LOL!

  53. Cara says

    Hi I was wanting to know what’s a good eyeliner for the water line? I can’t find one that lasts for a while. Please let me know. By the way I like watching your videos.

  54. Jacinta says

    Tried the queen version of the covergirl lip perfection jumbo gloss and they are amazing. Found them at my local Target for less than $9. I got the one in berry and it didn’t settle like revlon kissable balms

  55. joanna mccloud says

    hello im surprised you havent mentioned nail stamping i tried to send you a video of mine. on here (youtube) i am my name joannamccloud and on instagram im britmyk02.i subscibe to you also and have messaged you before at times you reply. i think you would have great info to share on nail stamping if you looked into it.

    • says

      i havent really done anything with nail stamping. i think its amazing but i haven’t really had much time to get into it since keeping up with other things is taking up a lot of time. i get so many email questions per day, youtube inbox questions, and other stuff that i don’t have as much time as i’d like to explore new stuff. some time i’ll get into it though. thanks for writing!

  56. Sarah says

    I just wanted to say that you are a great person with a great attitude! Im so glad you havent let the haters get you down! You mentioned in your YT video about that that you do pharm. sales, Ive thought about that but didnt really know how to go about getting into it. Do you love it?

  57. Latasha says

    I love your blog but sometimes I don’t have a chance to check it regularly, do you think you ever do email subscriptions? I check my email a lot more and that wayi won’t miss a blog post!

    • says

      I had that and it broke. I forgot to get a new tool for that. Thanks for reminding me. I just added it above the Facebook likes box on the right side. Several hundred people get an email each day around 5pm with all the blog posts for the day to check out if they choose. Hope that helps. Thanks again:)

  58. ebony says

    like your videos a lot—- new products and all—I have to stop myself from running out to purchase new items (makeup wise)—–?? in past videos i though you went natural R you still? (does not look as though in recent videos) hey if not I understand I was natural for 2 years due to breaking etc… and recently went back to relaxers it’s more my style the natural look/texture of my hair was not doing it for me. Loving your hair cut/bob style.

    • says

      Yes I went natural for about two years and I really missed doing my hair myself. I went back to relaxing it. I just go get it relaxed when it needs it (I’ve been stretching it out to almost every three months) and trimmed but other than that I do it myself. I’ve always loved having a bob so I went back to it. Thank you! I did a video about my hair once it’s a funny one:)

  59. Gloria Rosales says

    Hi Crystal, I was at Costco today (4/16/13)and I saw a whole bunch of goodies. I figured I should pass the info. over to you and your followers. I saw bare minerals primer for oily skin, Bobbi Brown day to night palette, Clinique, Mac prime base for lids, Kinerase for hair. I can’t remember all the products, but I needed to tell someone. I live in California, so I don’t know if it’s all Costco’s. (BTW I am your Lorac lip gloss winner!)

  60. AwesomenessV says

    Thank you so much for your blog and YouTube channels. I truly enjoy your videos and point of view. Every time you say there’s a sale I’m all over it. Went to rite aid today and went ham on the wet and wild products lol. Thank you. Also idk if you every come to NY but the company I work for is affiliated with Estée Lauder and once a month they have a factory warehouse sale. Everything is marked is down 50 to 75% off. These are the products that they offer to invited guest only before they go to the cco stores. If you ever come up North Ill send you tickets.

  61. Jennifer says

    I was wondering if you have seen the new Dior jelly pens from the dior birds of paradise. Are they pigmented or on the sheer side?

    • says

      I looked at the collection tonight and just got the nail duos. I didn’t like anything else. The Jelly Pens were way too sheer for me if you have pigmented lips they aren’t a great fit.

  62. Kim says

    Had to drop a note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your videos over at YouTube, and now your vlog channel too. I’ve been following the blog & watching your channel for years (yikes) now. Of course, hubby wished I hadn’t discovered you since I often succumb to impulse buys after seeing your reviews…but now even he’s joined the fan club since you’ve started filming Pete’s cooking videos! Thanks for the work you put into sharing all of this with us!

    • says

      Thank you so much for watching the beauty videos and the cooking ones. I’m getting ready to edit Pete’s Linguini & Clam Sauce video. It’s so easy to make and tastes so good! Thanks for sticking with us and your husband can join Pete’s husband support group for men with makeup lovin women:)

  63. jessica says

    How can I comment on YouTube? I’m subscribed but there is not an option? The RI RI LIPSRICK IS StUNNING!!!

    • says

      I’m not sure what you mean, you can’t comment on videos? I’ve heard some cant comment on their Ipads. I can comment when using mine so I’m not sure what thats about. Thanks!

  64. Valencia says

    Hello Crystal,

    Your website and your YouTube channel are great! Your commentary, analyses, and swatch fests are so helpful. I noticed that you have not mentioned Bongo cosmetics at Kmart. I purchased a lip gloss (Twisted Tango); I don’t think that I will buy MAC lip glass again. Because of you, I have found great products in the drugstore. I wish you much continued success.

  65. iheartmakeup2013 says

    I love you and your videos you are my favorite makeup person on YouTube and i hope you could maybe do a makeup collection and thanks ❤

    • says

      Thank you, I don’t think I’ll be doing any of those type videos anymore. It’s a shame because I think they are helpful and I watch them to get ideas on how to set things up but people act crazy and make strange comments. I did the last one a year ago and every day even a year later I get rude comments. Sorry!

    • says

      Great job! Just keep blogging. The best advice that I ever got was to keep blogging even though it feels like no one’s reading and then one day you’ll realize that several people are!

  66. Juli H. says

    Hey Crystal! Recently I’ve started looking into trying out the nail stickers (stick ons?) and I was wondering what some of your favorite types are (brand wise) and which brands to stay away from. I love having fun nails but I’m terrible about peeling off my polish once it chips and my nails break easily so it’s a nasty cycle that I am hoping that stick ons will break!

    • says

      I think that the Maybelline stickers are ok but my favorites are the Sally Hansen ones! The SH ones stay on the longest and I use them when I go on vacation for a week because they last the whole time. The Kiss brand of stickers works well also but my number one is Sally Hansen Salon Effects!

  67. Jennifer says

    I just noticed that you bought the new Maybelline Master Smoky Shadow pencil. I was wondering if you personally liked that product or not. I love watching all your videos too by the way!

    • says

      Hi! I showed that Maybelline Smoky pencil in The Chopping Block #3 Haul video. I’m quickly editing The Chopping Block #3 Reviews video now so that video will be up this afternoon with my thoughts on it:) Thanks for watching the videos thats so nice of you!

  68. Brittany Boney says

    Just checked my email and found out that Deborah Lippman is coming to Sephora online Aug. 12 and in stores Sept. 5! I am too excited…I found out about her from you. Now I can’t stop looking at her polishes and wanting every shade! Thought I should let you know. I am also a new subbie to your YouTube channels! Love you girl!

  69. says

    Hi Crystal, I really enjoy your youtube. I like bare minerals and I love ELF products. Please sub to my channel and do an updated makeup collection and storage vid. Thanks.

    • says

      Thanks for watching the youtube videos! I doubt that I’ll do a new collection or storage video. I did the last one a little over a year ago and I get really mean messages on it still every day. I see the videos as helpful and fun but some people that watch them are just crazy. I’d rather not open myself up to that. Thanks:)

  70. Grace says

    Hello, I love how you always wear your makeup! I was wondering if you can start doing makeup tutorials or if you already do them, where can I go to view them? Also your husband cooks sooo well. I wanted to know would you ever show him or even do a husband tag? Thanks for reading my message.

    • says

      Hi there-I have been on YouTube for a few years and I focus on reviews and new products. I find that a lot of people do tutorials (I’m subbed to over 10 people myself) but finding out if a product is worth the money is what I like to talk about on my channel and blog when it comes to high end and drugstore makeup. I don’t do a lot of things like husband tags etc. I’d rather focus on makeup and I work on this stuff in my extra time so I am pressed for time but I try to make it work!

  71. says


    Wanted to tell you that I love your Youtube channels, you give great and honest reviews. Can you do a Kat Von D foundation review. We wear the same color foundation and I wanted to know if it was worth the money. Thanks :))

    • says

      Thanks! I tried a sample of the Lock It full coverage foundation and didn’t like it. I’m not a fan of full coverage foundations in general and I really didn’t like that one.

  72. Erica A says

    Hi Ms. Crystal! I’ve always known that fuschia is your signature color. Could you a favorites for all the fuschia lippies and blushes you own? Also as far as masks are concern …. What do suggest for a brown girl with a normal to dry skin? Thanks much

  73. ree says

    I love your blog and youtube vlog and hauls. youre soooo helpful and appreciate youre commitment, honesty and passion so much. Im a beginning freelance MUA and i wanted to know if youve tried the maybelline lip elixers. That rich, vivid purple reminded me of you and i just knew you tried it lol

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