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  1. Robin says

    Hi there! Love the lamp!!
    Ok, so I was with you on loving the colors of some NYX cream shadows on my hand, then I tried to wear them and threw them in the back of a drawer for a month (that bad). On my lids they were runny, wet, and they sort of separated. There was no way to build up color on the lid and get them to dry enough that I could wear them, I’d have had to apply them the night before so I had 8 hours of closed lids for them to dry! BUT along came St. Patrick’s day and I was desperate to wear the emerald green one so I figured it out. I used the wand to smear some on the back of my hand, then used a small lip brush to pat the thinnest layers imaginable on my lid, I did probably 6 layers that way letting them dry between. Still not completely vibrant but close to the hand swatch and it lasted all day. Honestly, I want a cheap cream shadow to be easy, this was not. No point in neutrals of these, but to be able to spend a few bucks on a unique color or something I’ll only wear a few times I’m ok with them. If you have better luck or figure out an easier method let me know!

    • says

      Oh wow, that is quite a process! I was wondering how these would work and what they would look like dry on my eye. I wondered if it would crack lol. Thank you so much for telling me the process that worked for you. I was hoping that it would be cheap, good, and easy. It sounds like they need to go back to the lab on this one.

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