Dry Winter Skin? Here’s What I’m Using To Help Keep Alligator Skin Away!

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Gel Oil, $5.35/6.8 oz. at Walmart

It’s dry skin season. My skin is so dry because of the cold I have to take some serious precautions or else it will literally crack and bleed. Thats cold people. I started noticing regular yet full of moisture lotions weren’t doing it for me weeks ago. I had to switch to the hard stuff. Straight up oil. I love cocoa butter. I picked up a Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Gel Oil and I hoped it would help. There is nothing more annoying than using lotion and later in the day feeling your skin almost shrink up cause its dry. I pulled up my pants leg one time and an ashy gray leg was under there. Gross.

Oil is where its at. I rub on some of this gel oil and the dry cracked skin is gone. This is serious stuff so depending on what I’m wearing I have to scale back. It doesn’t sink in as much as lotion so be mindful that you might have product stains on your thinner fabrics. This isn’t going to work with silk or finer fabrics but under sweaters, jeans, or sweats its what I live by now. The funny thing is after I came home with this I looked under my bathroom sink and there was already one in there! I forgot about buying it last year in a three pack with two large cocoa butter lotions. I used the lotion but skipped using the gel oil.

Not now I slather this stuff on practically daily. Get some if your skin is turning on you. And please let me know what you use when your skin is at its driest!

From Target’s website:

Enjoy soft, moisturized skin every day with this Vaseline cocoa butter vitalizing gel body oil. This unique formulation is ideal for normal skin. Slather this luxurious gel on your whole body to unveil your softest skin yet.

  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Used For: Moisturizing
  • For Use On: Body
  • Product Form: Lotion
  • Scent: Unscented


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  1. Juli H. says

    I really like Curél Ultra Healing lotion! A while ago, I was stung by a yellow jacket and for a whole week my leg was swollen and feverish. When my leg finally got better, the area was so dry and flaky that it hurt! Nothing worked (and I used a lot of different things; both lotions, oils, and home remedies) until I used Curél on my leg and it actually worked! It’s also helped my mom’s heels, which are extremely dry to the point where they are lethal weapons!

  2. Ruth says

    I bought this on your recommendation and it is AMAZING!! No matter what moisturizer i would put on my skin, it had to be redone mid-day because my skin was so dry it hurt. But with this gel, i’m good for a whole day. Thank you so much for this suggestion, it has saved my dry and flaky winter skin =)

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