E.L.F. 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss Va Va Voom



Va Va Voom $3






This gloss from E.L.F. comes in a beautiful looking tube. The color is in the inner tube and the clear gloss is in the outer tube. Great idea right? Well kind of….

The distribution of color and gloss is a little off to me with this product. I used this for a while and for some reason I always got very little color (inner tube) and a lot of clear gloss (outer tube) whenever I applied this to my lips. I even went back to the E.L.F. website to see if I was doing something wrong. I read on their site that it’s best if you squeeze this gloss out from the middle of the tube for even distribution of both color and gloss. So I tried that for a while. Still no luck. I just get a lot of clear gloss. I understand that there is more clear gloss overall in the tube so you are supposed to get more of that. But the amount of color that makes it out of the tube is too small!

The gloss is very moisturizing and there is no scent or taste. I just wish I could get more color out of the tube! The color in the inner tube of this shade named Va Va Voom looks gorgeous and I’d love to get more of it on my lips!









The applicator is good, here is a quick shot of that. It’s a doe foot and when you squeeze the tube product comes out of the center. Overall I love the moisturization but the application falls short for me because very little color comes out when applied. I wouldn’t purchase another shade.

Have you tried this gloss? Is there a way to get some more color out of it?

Rated C

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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  1. Andrea says

    I got the elf “bedazzled” color in this product, an had the same problem. But since it is clear with glitter it just looked like a gloss, so I put it over a lip stain and then it was a nice product.

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