E.L.F. Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil Black Bandit




Black Bandit (.05 oz.)-$1





I was very interested in trying this Shimmer Eyeliner in the shade Black Bandit from E.L.F, it’s $1! I figured this could go really well or it could be a mess.

I’m really into eyeliner, either pencil or liquid liner. It doesn’t matter which it just needs to be black, REALLY black. And when it comes to pencils it has to apply smoothly. This eyeliner pencil is pretty darn smooth. I hate it when the liner tugs on your eye and hurts. That wasn’t a problem with this at all. It’s not the smoothest pencil eyeliner I’ve ever applied, but it’s really good. No tugging at all.

The next thing that I was looking for was even distribution of the silver shimmer in this liner. I thought surely that would be off. Well it isn’t! When you draw a line with this on your lid there is an even coating of just the right amount of shimmer. It’s not huge bulky shimmer either. Unbelievable. For a dollar. Wow.









There is a handy sharpener right in the cap which is pretty cool too. Overall I really am glad I got this liner. There are several beautiful shades available at www.eyeslipsface.com. Check it out!

Rated B+

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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