EOS Everyday Hand Lotion

How cute is this packaging? I love it. Unfortunately I’m not so crazy about the lotion. I must say that I need serious lotion. The kind that will keep dryness/ashiness at bay. This unfortunately is not the type of lotion to help me out with my skin staying moisturized for very long.

I am new to EOS products. I haven’t even tried their cult favorite lip balm yet. So when I picked this up at Ulta I was really excited. It was around $4 (1.5 fl oz) for this which is kind of pricey but the packaging got me. I used the lotion quite a bit for several days. It has a nice scent and the packaging makes it really convenient to carry around in your purse. I just really don’t think its worth it. I will definitely use this lotion up. If you want to try it they also make a cucumber scented version too. Even though it’s harder to lug around in my purse, I’m going to stick with Essence of Beauty Hand Lotion (reviewed here) for a while.

EOS lotion is not for me but it sure is cute!

Rated C

Disclosure: I purchased this product myself!

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