Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream-Smooth Berry #02

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream Smooth Berry #02, $2.99 at Ulta









I couldn’t wait to slap this beauty on my lips! Essence keeps surprising me with great products and this one is just as interesting as I thought it would be. The color is amazeballs right? Its a beautiful berry color if I ever saw one. It’s bright and one of those shades you can’t miss. Smooth Berry is not for the faint of heart. It’s a brighter shade that because of the matte finish is going to be something a lot of people are going to want to pick up. But before you do there are a few drawbacks.









This is a color you might have to babysit. I know I do. Because its matte and a little thick texture wise it can be spotty in areas and for that reason I take a look at it more often than colors I regularly wear on my lips. So get ready to break your touch up mirror or compact out of your purse. I found myself smoothing out the lip color while looking in the mirror. So this isn’t a slap it on and go shade. I don’t want anyone to walk up to me and see crazy lips….not a good look. So I checked this color out regularly.

Smooth Berry will last for a good four hours but it tended to make my lips look spotty. It’s smooth on the lips don’t get me wrong but the simple act of putting your lips together can result in a spotty lip! If you aren’t fond of strong smells you might not be a fan-this smells like CAKE to me. It’s really yummy to me but beware if you don’t like scented lip products.

So pick this up and try it out if you like. I’m glad I gave it a go but I’m not picking up another shade. I really would like it better if it didn’t move as much. Well move badly that is! I tend to talk a lot and press my lips together so that is a recipe for disaster when it comes to rocking this color.

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  1. Helena says

    Try number 4, Silky Red. I have both and the red one is more even and in my opinion more longlasting as well. I wasn’t that happy with the berry one either. Also, after I put it on I blot the excess off on the back of my hand (looks weird, but it’s not as drying as using a tissue) and apply a tiny bit more if needed. The colour stays nice and even and putting my lips together doesn’t spoil it.

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