Essie’s Good To Go Top Coat Is Surprisingly Good!


I purchased Essie’s Good To Go Top Coat a few months back from my local Kohl’s. I had some extra Kohl’s cash and I decided to use it on something so many of my blog readers and YouTube commenters have recommended that I try. I was in my hard core love affair with my favorite inexpensive top coat from NYC (reviewed here) and I ran out. I went through four bottles of it and thought wait I still have that Essie stuff!

I used Good To Go for the first time with a lot of preconceived notions. I figured it wouldn’t dry fast and that I would be stuck waiting for my nails to try forever. I’m glad to say that wasn’t the case. This stuff dries fast and is shiny as hell. I really love it. It doesn’t dry as fast as Seche Vite in my opinion but its closer than any other brand I’ve come across as far as drying time. Good To Go is more expensive than the NYC top coat that I’ve been using but I like it. It wears well through the week and I haven’t had any shrinkage issues. That’s a big problem for me when it comes to using Seche Vite. And the shine I must mention again is incredible!

Good To Go is something I’d buy again with out a doubt. It’s $8.50 so I won’t be using it as much as the NYC polish for a top coat but it’s great to have options. I go through top coat bottles so quickly that I really need to stick with a less expensive option long term.

Have you ever tried Good To Go? I’m also testing out one of Essie’s base coats. So far so good!

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  1. says

    Can’t say I have tried this. I’m still love on Milani’s quick dry top coat. Hoping I can find in another CVS display and still on sale.

    • says

      I can’t find it to save my life. Ever since you said it was good I’ve been looking. Maybe I’ll get lucky later this week when I make my rounds:)

  2. Kica says

    I haven’t used this one but I swear by their No Chips Ahead topcoat. I get a Sunday to Saturday wear with no chips and only microscopic tip wear even though I do a moderate amount of typing and answering phones.

  3. Chris undow says

    How do you know if your polish is suffering from shrinkage? Also I was hoping you could recommend a white polish that is opaque/ not streaky. The white from Maybelline Colour Show takes at least two not thin coats and still doesn’t look even. I am still loving the NYC as a top coat thanks to you!

    • says

      Shrinkage is when your polish draws up at the tips and your left with a little bit of bare nail at the tips where there should be color/nail polish. I use Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On polish right now for nail art, french manicures ( blog post- and if I need to paint my whole nail white. It’s nice. Glad you like the NYC top coat!

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