Eye Creams-Do You Use Them?

Eye creams confuse me.

I really feel like my under eye area is the hardest thing to deal with most of the time. It often reflects whats going on with me. You can see if I’m not drinking enough water or if my insomnia is at its worst! I have used several eye creams in the last few years. I just broke open a new one (Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment) and I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts on treatments that have worked, sucked, or have been harmful (burning ichy eyes-it happens!) to the often finicky under eye area. I’m always very gentle when using anything down there-I use my ring finger almost always but other than that I’m in trial and error mode.

What has gone very right or very wrong for you? Or do you believe that eye creams are a big waste of time?

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  1. Barbette says

    Hey lady – this is very timely because I’ve been feeling the need to step up my eye care game. I have one wrinkle under my eye that can be conceled, somewhat and a tiny bit of darkness. Right now I am using Shisedo Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream $55. It feels good going on and I stay moisterized but I can’t tell if it’s slowing down other wrinkles. I need to take some pictures to see if there is a difference during the progression of using this product. I have a very generous sample and plan to hit Macy’s and Saks for more samples so I won’t come out of pocket for something that does nothing.

    • says

      Good plan, what Im wondering is how long does it take a sample to show some results? I feel like I want to see some benefits in two weeks but I wonder if thats realistic. Nothing dramatic but increased moisture and less puffiness at least…I’m hoping the Tarte product will brighten my under eye area.

  2. says

    i’ve onlly tried one from avon & didn’t like it. i’m young and my under-eye isn’t that bad, but i’d like to prevent fine lines & puffiness cause i often sleep like 3 hours cause i’m in college. you should do a post about the ones you think are worth the try, even if they’re not life-changing or anything. i thought about trying the garnier rollerball or something from philosophy. i even thought about the benefit eye cream.

  3. says

    *raises hand* i use them. have for a while. only one i’ve been wowed by is bobbi brown’s hydrating eye cream. using a sample of the extra repair eye cream now. then on to the BE one in the tube. want to try the one in the pot and maybe tarte’s one. others i’ve used are mary kay’s gel one, philosophy’s hope in a tube and eye hope. i feel like they’re a waste of money but since i don’t have any major eye issues *knock on wood* now i guess it’s a preventative product for me #kanyeshrug

    • says

      Yeah I have only started demanding results and so far I’ve been disappointed for the most part. If things don’t work out with the Tarte one I’d love to try one from Philosophy.

      • JenJ says

        Also used a Kiehl’s one in a blue tube. can’t remember the name.they have one too in a pot I’ve wanted to try. Or may just get Bobbi Brown again during their friends and family sale later this year.

  4. says

    None of the eye cream actually works for me. I always have some wrinkle under my eyes since like as long as I can remember. I tried so many things and now I stopped using it. The wrinkle got a lot lighter! So I am saving money on that now lol

  5. Taylor says

    I’ve been loving Lancôme’s Renergie Eye (http://m.nordstrom.com/Product/Details/2786594?categoryid=60142742).
    I also like Origins’ Starting Over (http://www.origins.com/product/3855/12957/Skincare/Daily-Essentials/Eye-Care/Starting-Over/Age-erasing-eye-cream-with-Mimosa/index.tmpl) and Mario Badescu’s Hyaluronic Eye Cream (https://m.mariobadescu.com/Hyaluronic-Eye-Cream). Lancôme is the most expensive, but I feel like I saw the best and fastest results using it. BTW, Nordies is having an online Lancôme GWP. :)

  6. says

    I’m a 42 year old woman does not look it. I use eye cream. I think if one has dry skin, you should definitely be using an eye cream. Also, I think someone who has allergies, especially itchy, watery eyes should use an eye cream.

    Those of us with allergies who get itchy and watery eyes are more prone to fine lines and darkness around the eyes.

    I use serums. I use Korres Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum. It’s a natural product and I’ve had very good results with it.

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