Favorite Drugstore Nude Lipstick: L’oreal Nature’s Blush


Whenever I find a good nude lipstick I rejoice! It’s hard to find something that looks good and feels decent that doesn’t break the bank. I am not a huge fan of L’oreal lipsticks traditionally but this one is the exception. Nature’s Blush is a great nude on my Mac NC 50 skin tone. The thing that turns me off about L’oreal lipsticks is the smell. It’s a small thing but thats why I don’t have many of them. They smell like baby powder to me which is a killer.

I found Nature’s Blush during my hunt for great nude drugstore lip glosses. I did a series on those a while ago and came upon this lipstick shade. It lasts for several hours and despite the smell that I try to avoid I appreciate that there is no taste to this lipstick. It’s under $10 so take a look and maybe you’ll love it too!



I use all the great nude drugstore glosses I found in that series I did with this lipstick. I also wear it alone. It looks beautiful all on it’s own. I have dressed it up a bit with a chocolate liner from Milani also. Basically everything I’ve tried has worked so it’s not a fussy shade.


Check out Nature’s Blush on your next visit to the drugstore. Or look into Revlon Mink Lipstick that’s another drugstore favorite of mine. Even if those two aren’t the nude for you maybe you’ll find the one that is!

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  1. nelle says

    It’s definitely hard to find nude for dark skin that doesn’t look unflattering, but this shade looks perfect! It reminds me of NYX Cocoa 558 lipstick.

  2. TiSha says

    This looks perfect on you! I’m going to look for this. I don’t like L’oreal lipsticks either but I like this color.

  3. Jay says

    This is one of my most worn lipsticks! I bought it on impulse last year for a steep discount and love it. I don’t mind the L’Oreal lipstick smell, I just hate that stores don’t have testers because these always look different from the tube to my lips! Another good L’Oreal lippie that’s very pinky/neutral is 114 Tender Pink.

  4. Shawntina says

    The color looks great on you Crystal! Nature’s Blush is such a sure safe nude – not too beige, not too orange, truly flesh looking on my NC45 coloring. This is what I call, my “natural but even better color”! A wonderful drugstore treasure.

  5. says

    Oh oh ohhhhh! I like this! I’m over lipsticks I have to baby which means a lot of “nudes” I had in my stash. Luckily most of the were from the drugstore. So I didn’t pay a lot but still I’m like grrrrrrr! I have a $5 off CVS coupon burning a hole in my wallet. I may go and check this out. Or see if Ulta has a buy one, get one going one.

  6. Devin says

    I get so stuck on the shade names that I never would have thought it would look this fabolous. Did you ever try Mink from Revlon Super Lustrous? I am so mad i’ve just discovered it. I can only find it at one Rite-Aid that I go to which is strange. I may have to grab this one. You are my downfall I tell ya.

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