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Milani Black Cherry Color Statement Lipstick, $5

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This is one for the sexy Fall lipstick loving girls! I love this deep beautiful sexy Black Cherry lipstick from Milani. It’s very vampy in a good way! I love the Color Statement lipstick line. There are a ton of colors and the watermelon scent is just so cool to me. I don’t think its strong at all and it kinda makes me happy. I also love how moisturizing the formula is!

I have heard a lot of feedback from people that are thinking about trying their first deeper hue lippie this Fall. This is a great pick thats at almost every drugstore! Regardless of your skin tone this is going to be an eye catcher! Would you like to see some other deeper Milani shades? I have a few. The variety of shades is amazing. I’ll try to show you some shades in the deeper plum/brown area. There are a bunch of different finishes. Black Cherry is a Vinyl finish from the line.

I’ve shown several of the pretty Milani Color Statement shades in previous posts. Check out Best Red, Sangria, Flirty Fuchsia, Violet Volt, and Naturally Chic. All great shades and at a decent price yay! I get my Milani products from CVS and Walgreens mostly.

Have you tried any of these Color Statement lipstick shades? Let me know which ones you keep grabbing for! I keep picking up Best Red.

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  1. Heather USA says

    I picked this up yesterday as I liked the color but also “heard” that it’s a dupe for MAC’s Darkside (which I don’t own to compare)….any opinions?

  2. Nadja says

    Crystal, how long will this last on lips? I want it for my mom, but it must last very long as she isn’t any keen on being constantly reapplying

    • says

      When I’ve worn this I touched up after lunch each time so I got by with one touch up during the day. The staying power is amazing and the fade is good. It isn’t the type of lipstick that looks gross when it fades after drinking coffee etc. There is a good balance between moisture and the pigmentation so you don’t have to babysit it much. Hope that helps!

  3. Shaun says

    OOOOOooo I need to try this! There’s a UD lipstick (Venom or Shame, I think) that I really want that’s similar but not a dupe. I think I’m going to buy this to see if I’m comfortable with the color first.

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