OPI Nail Polish Colors I Love!




OPI Absolutely Alice- I’m a big fan of blue nail polish for some strange reason. I don’t know what it is but I love blue! I fell in love with this beautiful blue glitter shade from the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection. It’s definitely a favorite.












OPI Glow Up Already- This is my favorite gold glitter polish ever. It was a part of the Burlesque collection and it’s out on loan to a friend. I am more of a silver glitter girl but this gold captured my heart:)


OPI Mad As A Hatter- This is my favorite nail polish shade ever. I went nuts when this came out and I’ve used it so many times and it just makes me deliriously happy! I will be so sad when this is gone. It looks amazing on the nails and there hasn’t been anything like it so far for me. It’s a part of the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection also like Absolutely Alice shown above.




OPI My Private Jet- This looks so great on. It’s the perfect sparkle black shade. This is my second bottle, I hardly ever finish a bottle but I wore out the first one. It looks lighter in the picture above (right) than it does on the nails but I wanted you to see the interesting slight purple sheen that this has. It’s just so unique to me! Love it.





OPI Rumple’s Wiggin- The purple fanatic in me had to get this one. It was a part of the OPI Shrek collection and I have used it a lot. It’s the perfect lavender shade and perfect for this time of year.












OPI What’s With The Cattitude- Ahhh we are back to blue. I got this pretty pastel blue color when it came out in the OPI Shrek collection. It’s on loan to a friend but I miss it terribly. It’s so cute and looks great on almost anyone I bet.

I am a huge OPI nail polish fan. What is your favorite shade? Do tell!

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  1. T.R. says

    I have to agree with you regarding Alice and Mad as a Hatter. That Alice is to die for. My first favorites are my reds. I love red it’s my favorite color so the first OPI’s I ever bought were All Lacquered Up and St. Petersburgundy. They aren’t bright in your face reds but I still love them. I got that What’s the Cattitude and had not tried it, well I just put it on…and know exactly what’s going on my toes for the next pedi.It’s gorgeous. I see I’m going to have to get My Private Jet too.

    • says

      I loved that Alice in Wonderland collection! And I am so glad you have the What’s the Cattitude. It’s great! I’m going to check out those reds you named, you can never have to much red!

  2. Kurleigh says

    My favorite right now is Teenage Dream. I am also in love with Sephora OPI Access 24/7…a must have summer pink;-)

  3. jilian says

    i’m really not a waitress by opi was such a popular color, it was like this PERFECT red, was a little frosty but it was a crimson red, i never bought it, just admired it, now that it’s been retired, i’m kicking myself, it was just a classic color and i haven’t seen a dupe yet, unless someone out there knows……..anybody???

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