Favorite Pinky Nude: Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Gloss in Pink Sateen


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I’ve had this gloss for a few weeks and I can’t stop wearing it. It’s the perfect pinky nude shade for everyday. I just slap it on and go and I look like I did a little something! Gotta love that. It’s an instant pick me up.



I really love lip gloss and this is one of my favorite formulas. The Nourishine formula is substantial it’s not a thin gloss by any means. It’s a thicker gloss that stays put for a good many hours depending on what you are up to. There is a slight smell but no taste to this gloss. It’s so freakin cold here I appreciate a thicker long wearing gloss so I have been wearing this one a lot. It’s been 20 degrees lately so my lips need the protection. Besides I don’t have time to touch up so I prefer something that stays put!

Before now I was addicted to some of the brighter shades in the line. Favorites include Mango Tango and Rock ‘N’ Red. Those two shades are straight up fire. But something a little more subtle is what I was after and Pink Sateen is it!


This shade is light and just all out pretty! Mary Kay NouriShine’s are $14 each and gorgeous.


Check out all the shades at marykay.com I’m sure you’ll see something you like. If you love a little purple take a look at one of my favs Berry Tart.

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  1. Barbette sealy says

    Emailing my mom’s marykay lady now. I appreciate all the recommendations. I’m like you, it’s all about the thicker lipgloss right now.

  2. says

    Oh haaaaaaiiii! I love Berry Tart and said I wanted to check out some additional shades. Guess it’s time to hit up my Mary Kay lady -_____-. I wish you could just order directly from their site like Avon. I’on want nobody bugging me to host a doggone party or whateva else! Hmph!

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