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Flower Lip Service Lip Butter-Wispy Wisteria, $7 at Walmart

I love this lip butter from Drew Barrymore’s Flower cosmetics line. It’s so well….buttery! The color is just about the perfect bright pink and it’s a pleasure to slap this all over my lips over and over in the most desperate way. I really love this stuff! It’s the closest thing to a Revlon Lip Butter yet and you know everyone has tried to copy that!

At $7 I think this is a gift for all of us girls that like great lip shades but don’t want to pay a lot. Right now there are a bunch of shades but I ordered this one online and did a darn good job. Ha! There seem to be a lot of neutral shades also so if you love those types of colors check for one of those!

I feel like the packaging is a bit bulky and it’s not as easy to fit in your front pocket but I like the color and price so much it’s easy to ignore. Check this out if your Walmart carries the Flower Beauty line of products. There is a locator on the company website on the far right corner it says where to buy, check for that here.

I also did a haul and then reviews on the Flower products that I’ve tried. Check those videos out here if you haven’t already!


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  1. says

    I have one and I love it! The texture is harder than any other lipbutter type thing i ever tried but i kinda like that. the color is build-able without make your lips look weird and dry(like Mac lipstick does to me) And after your video I checked Walmart.com they actually sell cheaper than my local Walmart!

    • says

      The Flower Lip Butter is much creamier. I think if you want something that is more like lipstick (less touch ups) the Neutrogena would be your preference. It stays put longer. But if you like a glossier finish the Flower might be a better pick. It has the same drawbacks as lip gloss. You need to reapply more often after meals and drinking.

    • says

      Oh you know I’ve never swatched it next to other things but its like Revlon’s Smitten or Lovesick Kissable Balm Stains to me color wise but the Flower Lip Butter is more moisturizing to me.

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