Four Milani Haute Flash Glosses w/ Lip Swatches

Star Flash, Hot Flash, Flashy, and In A Flash (top to bottom)

As soon as I saw these I knew that I’d be trying them! Such pretty shimmering glosses don’t come along every day. I got four of the shades on sale when Cherry Culture had a 20% off sale. I paid $7.25 per shade! I have been wearing them on and off for a week and now I’m ready to show them to you and talk about them.

Milani is on a roll lately. I love their baked shadows and blushes but I am not really into many of their lip products. These glosses look amazing in the tube but there are going to be some people that don’t like this gloss. The texture is a little different than what I’m used to. The gloss is thick and rather heavy/sticky. I didn’t like rubbing my lips together while wearing these. It feels fine if you rub your lips together during application but it’s almost like the gloss sets a few minutes after application. All of these shades are packed with shimmer which is amazing but the formula is going to be dryer than what your used to if you regularly wear gloss. Not in a bad way, just different.







Star Flash








Hot Flash
















In A Flash

Flashy and In A Flash look so similar don’t they? In the tube they don’t but on the lips they do!

I loved trying these out and I recommend trying one if you have a drugstore near you that sells Milani. They come with a nice doe foot applicator. This isn’t a gloss I’d apply without a mirror though. Since the gloss is thick you want a nice even layer on your lips and I needed to see what I was doing to achieve that layer. I also found that because of the “glitter” infused in the gloss it’s kind of messy when it gets on other surfaces. It does wear well though for a good four hours because its a thick gloss and there is so much color/glitter packed in it! There isn’t any taste but my glosses have an odd chemical scent to them. Try one if you are into serious take no prisoners lip color!

Rated B

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  1. Samantha says

    I agree the last two do look very similar I had to double back and relook. but they are cute popping colors. I was wondering is there a way that you can find what stores sell Milani?

  2. Rene says

    Have you tried any of the YSL glosses? I just picked up my first one today Golden Gloss in #47 which looks alot like In A Flash. But the glitter in it is rough on my lips and I’m so disappointed because I loved the shade. P.S. You inspired me to record my first You Tube video today. Keep up the great work!

    • says

      Yes I reviewed #47 here on the blog. It’s so pretty but very gritty. Its the most eye catching color. The last few times I’ve worn it I just put it in the center of my lips over another pink shade and it pops. I like it better when it’s not in the corners of my mouth! That’s great keep making videos!

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