Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer









I recently picked this up after having it on my list of things to try for the last several months. I was holding off on getting it because I usually don’t use primer in the summer months. I depend on a few tinted moisturizers for coverage during the summer so primer is an extra step I don’t need as far as I am concerned. I was a little worried about the price tag too. It’s the most expensive primer that I’ve ever purchased at $56 for 1 oz. of product.

Is it worth that? Well I have to tell you I don’t know that I’d get it again. For my oily skin it’s not a perfect match. It’s a good primer that does help provide a great base for my makeup. I apply primer after doing my normal cleansing and moisturizing in the morning. It does add an extra layer of protection that I like for my skin and then helps my foundation stay on longer. I’m just not crazy about what is going on with my t-zone area with this primer during the day. There aren’t any claims I should point out that this primer is supposed to control my oily skin areas. So I found that using this on my cheeks and chin instead of my t-zone worked much better for me.

I’m keeping this away from my greasy forehead until at least mid October! If you have normal skin then this is a great fit year around but for me it’s better for areas that aren’t oil war zones. I’m going to wear this out during the winter when my skin falls into the “normal” category because I am determined to use up every drop of this at $56 a tube…it’s like liquid gold.

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