Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani #406 Lipstick









This is another beautiful color for Fall. I saw this pretty red shade in the Armani Fall release and snapped it up like I didn’t give my first Rouge D’Armani lipstick #600 a C rating back in June. My memory tends to fade when I see a color I need. Funny how that works!

It’s a beautiful red. Unfortunately the formula is drying on my lips. I put balm on underneath but I still need a moisture pick me up when using this usually at some point during the day. I tend to slap on some Mac Lip Conditioner mid afternoon. Here’s the thing that made me come back besides the beautiful color. This lipstick stays on much better than most of the lipsticks that I have! It sticks with me longer and looks better throughout the day. Very interesting isn’t it? I mean that’s what I call a trade-off. This is an amazing red, that kind of makes me forgive it’s faults.









See I can’t fault this, it gives me movie star type lips! The packaging is fantastic, they get an A+ for presentation. Hopefully they’ll sneak a little more moisture in the formula for us at some point? Please???

Excuse my slap happy application. Most people put on red lipstick carefully with lip liners and careful application-not me! I put this on for pictures while keeping one ear to the door for the UPS man. He’s bringing my Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4 palette and I’m determined to meet him at the door like a starving girl who’s waiting for cookies!

Rating: C (still a C, but hey i knew what I was getting into!)

Disclosure: I purchased this item myself!

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  1. Asia C says

    Aw man, I’m sorry it was drying on you. I never have that problem with any of their lipsticks…but the color is great!! I’m not sure if you like the Gloss d’Armani (some ppl hate it, some love it) but #400 is a good one to pair with it and that might help the drying…

    • says

      Thanks, you have the best taste. I’m going to Armani counter on Saturday for a makeover and I want to get a gloss so I’m going to write that one down because I’d love to find something to pair w/the red because it’s gorgeous! I really can’t complain because that lipstick has unbelievable staying power. It lasted through two meals, drinks and an ice cream bar no lie! Amazing!

      • Asia C says

        Yeah, definitely give it a try. It is red as well and pigmented enough you can wear it alone or with a liner under it. And since you will be at the counter this weekend make sure to try out the following (a few of my faves) if you don’t already have them: Heat Eye Palette (more natural,but was a fav during the summer), Eyes to Kill in any of the following #5, #6, #2, #3, or #1 and lastly their soft silk eye pencils in #2 or #12! Have fun at the counter!

  2. says

    Oh, noooooooooooo! Why did I look. That is a seriously gorgeous color. I also love the packaging. Trying to put the cap on backwards is fun. I wish Armani grouped these lipsticks by formulation–instead they seem to be all just lumped together as Rouge d’Armani.

    This past spring, I bought Beige 105 and Plum 606, and they were both among the silkiest, most moisturizing lipsticks I had ever worn. Didn’t last a long time on my lips, but the weren’t drying at all so I liked reapplying them.

    I guess it’s a crap shoot when we buy a Rouge d’Armani lipstick, whether we’re getting sheer, satin, or matte.

    • says

      I’m such a sucker for red! The whole presentation is so good. I love everything about it. They do lump them together in a strange way. I’m going to try my first gloss when I go to their counter for my makeover on Saturday. I have heard good things about the gloss!

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