Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani #600 Lipstick

















What a gorgeous color. I love this color but the lipstick itself is unfortunately not one bit moisturizing. That’s huge for me. I hate feeling like the lipstick is sucking all the moisture from my lips throughout the day and that’s kind of how I felt with this. That didn’t stop me though, I still used this several times in the last few weeks. I used my Mac Prep+Prime balm and that helped a little. I love the shade so much I really resisted putting any type of gloss over top of it which is unusual for me. I almost always top my Mac lipsticks with gloss. But this shade so pretty-I didn’t want to top it off. Beside the shade the lipsticks finish is nice too. It’s perfectly in between glossy and matte…just right.

It’s really kind of odd how over time after using this lipstick your lips feel dryer and dryer and…dryer. Even with balm underneath. The color goes on smoothly and the pigmentation is great. But the dryness sets in after the first hour and the only benefit to that is that this lipstick has staying power that is for sure. It lasts and lasts. They do market this as a long wearing lipstick that will last 8 hrs. That’s not the case, I didn’t get 8 hrs of wear but it definitely out lasts most lipsticks that’s for sure. Through drinks and meals-no problem. So its sort of an odd tradeoff overall. After a while this lipstick doesn’t feel good but it looks fantastic.

The packaging is excellent. The case is beautiful. It’s heavy which I like and there is a nice magnetic sort of closure for the lipstick that is really fancy and just screams luxury.  I don’t think I’d get another one of these but if it’s an amazing color like this I will be tempted. I’ll just have to make sure I have balm and maybe a little gloss on top to keep my lips happy.

But at $30 a tube I think that this formula is disappointing.

Rated C

Disclosure: I purchased this product myself!

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