Got Em! Limited Edition Wet n Wild 8 Pan Palettes!

Going in the Wild and Nude Awakening ($4.99 at CVS)

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  1. says

    So happy, I found going wild! Usually I never can get my hands on a lot of the limited edition things from the drugstore here in Hawaii. But I did hunt these down and man I am glad. I agree with you that I love them more than I thought I would, all around wet n wild shadows are great and I liked how the colors looked in the store but something about the finishes of these when swatched is fabulous!!


  2. Khalilah says

    Ahhhhh…Which CVS did you find them at? GF of mine posted a neutral look using both palettes and I fell in love with it virtually!

  3. Nobu says

    aw so pretty… I saw on Nouveau Cheap that there was a “sighting” in one of the CVS near me. I’m itching to go but gotta wait 5 more hours until work ends… lol

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