Grrrrrr…..Ever Want To Kick Your Computer?

I’m sorry to say I’ve been having some technical difficulties with the blog. I hope to get it cleared up by tomorrow because I have some fun things to show you (black belt shopper that I am!) that I’ve picked up and some goodies to report back to you on. I also got my first ever monthly cosmetics subscription box of goodies from a company thats getting started in the USA and I am finally gonna show you Sephora’s Pantone Color of the Year on my mug!

I’m sorry for the disruption but please don’t go far cause I’ll be back soon!

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  1. Barbette says

    If you say Glossy Box I am going to scream because I’ve been waiting to subscribe – like forever!!! I already have a few subscriptions (5) and I would gladly cancel one of them for a Glossy Box.

  2. T.R. says

    Crystal sorry to hear about your technical difficulties. :O) Also, I went to the GlossyBox website. How much is there monthly subscription because I saw it saw a monthly subscription is $666 I’ll have to pass. LOL I can’t lie I may spend that in a month of spending but I can’t take a hit like that monthly for samples. :O) But I am curious to see your box Crystal.

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