Guerlain Les Bois De Rose #04 Palette

















This was such a fun palette for me to test out. I love pink and I discovered not that long ago that the right shade of pink can be great on the eyes. I used to always shy away from pink eyeshadow and anything pink or red near my eyes but that tendency is gone now. I got two words for you…pink and gray. That makes a great smoky eye guys. Especially if your one of those people who wants a softer smoky eye.

There are four pretty shades in this palette and they work really well together. I am not in love with the lightest shade. As you can see from the swatches above its a kind of frosty pink shade that I just put in the inner corner of my eye with a very light touch. The rest of the colors are smooth and easy to blend together for a really pretty eye look. The darkest color is just beautiful. I’ve used that alone also. Just gorgeous.

I’m new to Guerlain shadows and this is such a great addition to my stash. I really like it. These retail for $59 each and there are nine palettes in total. The only drawback here is the price. I know that they are a high-end brand but this palette should really be less expensive. The quality of the shadows is fantastic but if you come out with nine of them like Guerlain has they should have made them cheaper. These are collectible. If you’d like to take a look at Les Violets, click here. That’s my favorite because it’s purple!

Rated B+

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