Guerlain Les Noirs Palette #09

















This is a beautiful combo of colors. I really like anything black (lol) and when you add gray and silver to the mix that’s really special. This is one of the nine palettes that Guerlain recently came out with. At $59 each they aren’t cheap but the quality is really very good as you should expect for that price!

I am not thrilled with the lightest shade, it’s a little to frosty for me but boy does it make me look more awake if I put it in the inner corner of my eye. I like to call it the J.Lo effect…my inner eye glows! As you can see from the swatches these colors are really pigmented and they apply really softly and blend well. I usually use two or three colors from the palette at once. I haven’t used the whole thing on my eye. I’m just not one of those girls that can use more than three shades on my eye at a time.

There are some great options among the nine palettes that Guerlain offers. There are so many different color palettes and something to match almost any shoppers taste. This is the best pick out of them all if you are into intense dark eye looks like me. Swatch this on your next visit to the Guerlain counter.

Rated B+

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