Guerlain Maxi Shine Gloss d’Enfer-Magenta Waouh #470









Guerlain Maxi Shine Gloss d’Enfer Magenta Waouh #470, $30 at Saks









This is an interesting gloss. I heard from a bunch of people on YouTube about what Gloss d’Enfer means (something like gloss from hell translated) and I had a good laugh over that. I saw this new line of Maxi Shine glosses and it made my greedy little heart pitter patter. I love super shiny gloss! This has that mirror effect that I love. It’s blinding and I really like that.

I wish the color was a tad more pigmented and opaque. If you have very pigmented lips like mine you are going to notice that to get a true to color look you are going to most likely prefer using a lip liner under this gloss for depth. I didn’t do that for the pictures in this post but in using this gloss over the last few weeks I prefer using a liner under it. If you don’t have pigmented lips this gloss is gonna be perfect for you shade wise. These glosses have a doe foot applicator and my only other issue is that it takes a lot of gloss to cover my lips. Not a whole lot of product comes out with each dip of the doe foot.I usually dip 3-4 times to cover my lips and then smooth the product out. Sometimes I think I’d be better off with a spatula!

I find Magenta Waouh to be comfortable to wear and touch ups after meals are very necessary. The shine will go bye bye on you. I think this is a tad on the sticky side. All that shine comes at a price. At $30 I enjoy using this gloss and I’m glad I got it. There are a ton of other shades available at Saks and Nordstrom but I think that this is it for me. I really might want Tangerine Vlam #441 in the future though. I’m gonna swatch it first at the counter and make sure it’s the most amazing thing since sliced bread before I take the plunge though.

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  1. Lisa C says

    That color looks gorgeous on you! I have this in 467 Cherry Swing and while I do love it, I have to admit that I’m just a tad bit more in love with my Lancome gloss in Glitterstick. Its just like the 467 but more opaque. And it looks gorgeous in the sun!!

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