Hard Candy Lip Def Liquid Lip Color-Rated R









Hard Candy Lip Def-Rated R, $6 at Walmart

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No one would ever accuse me of being subtle. I love a bright lippie on most days but the other thing I love is a wearable and moisturizing gloss that is inexpensive. This is that! I could eat this-its true. It smells and even tastes good. It’s not sticky/tacky at all and gives my lips a huge moisture boost. I wish the color could overtake my pigmented lips but then again I have a thousand shades that are bright and say hey look at me so this will do nicely. If you tend to have dry lips this is going to be especially good for you. And it’s not completely colorless. When you get near me you can see the secret sparkle!

There are a bunch of pretty shades available. Check these and the All Glossed Up Lip Stain’s out at Walmart!

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  1. Sade Nioka says

    I’m telling you if you love this one you gotta try the Black Radiance Perfect Tone Lip Gloss in Violet. It’s the best!

  2. kaarin says

    So i was at it again and decided to pick up this gloss on my recent Wally World run (did I need another gloss? NO, but since “007″ recommended and ur lips were poppin in the swatch I just HAD (key word HAD) to have it lol. And yes gurrrrrrrrrlllllllll my lipgloss is poppin. This shall be my gloss on gym days :)

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