Haul-High End Spring Part 2!

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    Ha! I wore military red today for the first time today. I like it too. . Before I bought I came here to see if you had reviewed it because I know you are a red fiend. Have you tried the bright poppy color or any of their lip liners? I was thinking about getting the brick red liner to wear with the military red lipstick? What say you? :)

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      I’ve never purchased a lip liner from them. I have just a few red liners. One from Nars and two from Mac and jesus I think one from MUFE. I almost forgot I had that one geez…. I use Mac Cherry the most but with Burberry Military Red I used my Nars Jungle Red liner. God I love red. I’m posting on that color tomorrow or Friday. I took the pics already. That color is gorgeous!

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