If you haven’t heard about the discount site Hautelook let me be the first to give you the lowdown. I found out about this site last summer. Hautelook is a website with amazing deals on clothes, household stuff, and MAKEUP! Everything is 50% or more off so I can tell you in several months I have gotten amazing deals on makeup and clothes through the site.

I’ve gotten some great deals on Urban Decay, Stila, Lorac, Rock & Republic, and other makeup brands. My best deal was on Urban Decay makeup brushes. They are usuallly around $20-30 each and they went on sale in September for $2 each! I went NUTS, what a deal. I got 4 amazing brushes for $8! Here is a quick pic, I use these brushes every day now.









If you would like to register for free use my invite link: http://www.hautelook.com/invite/crystalis007 . They have a little bit of everything available.

The way that the site works you know about a week ahead what brands are on sale for the upcoming week. Each day a whole new set of sales start. The sale only lasts for 48-72hrs usually so you’ve got to be on the ball with this. If your on the East Coast like me the sales start at 11am daily. Usually what I do is look each Thursday at what is on sale starting the next Monday and if no brands I like are on sale I don’t worry about missing anything. If you are an Iphone user they have an excellent App that I use to order. It’s really quick and easy if your out and you want to get your order in right after the sale starts. I had to be quick back in September for the $2 Urban Decay brushes. I started ordering using the App on my phone right at 11am and by 11:15 many of the brushes were sold out.

I have a few posts coming up this week on Hautelook deals I got so you’ll be seeing more of what they have available in future posts.

Urban Decay is on sale Thursday, March 31st. I don’t know what exactly will be on sale but I will be watching!


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