Have You Seen This? Dermablend Is Going On My Shopping List

I saw this on Xsparkage’s blog, check her post out here…she has a behind the scenes video of this also that is good. I didn’t know who this guy was or what he was famous for so this really blew my mind!

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  1. Hana says

    If you end up getting the Dermablend Cover Creme, PLEASE do a video on it. We have similar coloring and since I’m from Canada, i need help picking out the right shade. Thank you!

  2. T.R. says

    I had seen it on Yahoo but didn’t actually watch the video until now. Wow on the coverage but also WOW on the full body tattoo. I’ve heard of dermablend but it has always been geared towards people who had severe discoloring to be covered. So I just assumed it would be too heavy for every day use. I mean I like to cover my blemishes but not look caked on. Would love to hear your review. I’m still look for my HG foundation.

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