How I Shop My Stash For the Week!

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  1. Angela says

    Have you use any of the BECCA Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé? Would love a review if you have. I have been looking on line at the following color mixes….Lychee/Opal, Buava/Moontone, Raspberry/Opal and Paypya/Topaz.

    Thanks Angela

    • says

      Yes I reviewed it in one of the new products series that I do on YouTube The Chopping Block #15. I got Watermelon/Moonstone and I like it. I’ll most likely pick up Papaya/Topaz before long.

  2. michelle says

    Thanks for the video. Where did you purchase your nail polish rack? I love watching your vids, it keeps me up to date on all the latest makeup and getting me out of my comfort zone of neutrals.

    • says

      Thanks for watching! I did a video on the Makeup Room as it was being put together and in the description video I put info on the paint color and pieces of furniture and stuff so I just copied the info on the nail rack from there:
      Nail Polish Pana 2014 Nail Rack (holds approx. 110 bottles) $38.99+$5.99 shipping seller name-Beauticom

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