How to Clean Your Rings! DIY With Things You Already Have at Home!

I love my jewelry but one of the hardest things to do is keep my rings clean. I have one of those inexpensive dip solutions from Walmart and I use that every other week. But I don’t get the same dazzling results that you get when they clean things for you at the jewelry store. I watched a video from a YouTuber (TheCurrentCustom) recently and tried her technique and got amazing results. I love this because the things you need to get great results are things you might already have at home!

All you need is Baking Soda (raid the pantry), an old toothbrush, and water! Check this short one minute video out, my ring is blinding me right now so it really WORKS!

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  1. Kurleigh says

    I use toothpaste ( preferably white) and a spoolie. I was told to do tis by a jeweler. I continuously get compliments about how much my ring sparkle!

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