I Always Love Her Makeup: Beyonce






























Beyonce’s makeup is interesting to me. It always looks good but I get so excited when her makeup artists get a little crazy with her makeup. In her video’s she takes more chances with her makeup and I love that. I want her to do that more. She has great skin and beautiful features, I just wish she would live it up a little more with her makeup. I do love her natural makeup looks though don’t get me wrong they are beautiful. Most of the pictures I found are looks that you can do every day. I think she’s got natural down to a science.

Is there anyone that you wish would move out of the safe standard makeup zone more often?

Tell us who!

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    ugh i LOVE her too much! jaja i did a makeup look inspired by the first picture on this post & it turned out amazing! when i get a camera, I’m gonna do a tutorial on youtube :)

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