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I always love Mila’s makeup. I like it because it’s always something I feel like I can do and its all about the eyes. Her eyes always seem to be doing all the talking. She doesn’t need to say a word! In all the pictures that I’ve seen I don’t think she or her makeup artist like to take many chances. It would be great to see her with a different look every once in a while. Thinking outside of the box and playing with different looks is good for everyone.

Her eye look is always on point so I think I will continue to try to recreate what I see when she’s on the red carpet. Is there anyone who you love seeing pictures of because they inspire you? Do tell!

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  1. xdelice says

    i do always get inspired by pictures and a tutorail helps too most times. i have a dossier ful of looks that i either wish i could recreate, love love the look or want to try and maybe add a twist to the look, lol.
    mila is truly always on point and very clean and natural looking, so yes safe and glamorous are attributes we must give to her makeup artist!

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