(CLOSED)I Love Lashes Giveaway!

Do you love using lashes? I do! It’s fun to really amp up your look using them. Especially at night. For a fun little giveaway I thought I’d give one lucky winner out there six pairs of my favorite lashes.

I love Miss Adoro lashes and the #747′s and #66′s are my favorites. I have three sets of each of those two styles for you if you win. On average Miss Adoro’s really last or wear well. I can get at least five or six uses out of each pair if I’m careful.

Please enter using the Rafflecoper giveaway tool below.

Good luck everyone! International readers enter also!
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  1. Heather USA (Rosie Areola) says

    I’m pretty new to lashes (about 6 months new) but I love Ardell lashes.

    I love the Demi-Pixies for a “natural” lash and the Double Up 204s for a more dramatic eye.

  2. Megan says

    I have only ever used Ardell, which are nice, but I’d love to try others. Thanks for the giveaway! x

  3. Samantha V says

    I’m new to lashes but so far ardell’s have been the easiest for me to apply and they look really nice, too.

  4. Maria J. Cardoza says

    I’m New To Wearing False Eyelashes, but I hear that Ardell and House of Lashes makes pretty good lashes.

  5. Hafsah T says

    New to Falsies but I think I’ve got the knack!! I want to wear some really dramatic ones for Eid :)

  6. Deeksha says

    I am completely new to lashes. Although i did buy a few from ELF. I bought this really big crazy lash style and I think it looks a bit too much.I don’t even know how to apply it. Nevertheless I am still entering this giveaway because I have been wanting to try some out.

  7. Jessica says

    I’ve used Ardell lashes many times. I’d love to go to one of those Japanese stores and choose from aisles of lashes!

  8. privldz says

    I’ve never used false lashes before, but I trust your recommendations and I would love to win these! Thanks!

  9. SHERI says

    I have never worn lashes, but I would love to win them , I am sure they are the best if you love them

  10. SamV says

    I have only tried the elf lashes and the kiss lashes. Of the two I like the elf ones more as they are very flexible and the band is thinner.

  11. Alena N. says

    I am new to the qorld of fal eyelashes, but recently bought some red cherries for some special ocassions :) would love to try miss Adoros:)

  12. Cally says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! I have only tried ELF lashes. Wasn’t a fan, so I gave up. Would definitely love to try something new!

  13. caroline says

    I been trying to get into false eyelashes lately just dont know which are the best.. wanna try these out tho. :)

  14. Kelsey says

    I’ve only tried ELF lashes once for a halloween costume I wore…. Would love to try more lashes for nights out with the boyfriend! ;)

  15. amanda says

    I’ve only used MAC lashes…and that’s when I’ve had my makeup done and the MUA puts them on me :)

  16. Melanie M. says

    I am a lashes newbie. They seem so complicated to put on. I definitely need to practice with them. I have always heard good thins about Ardell and Red Cherry though.

  17. chihye says

    Still looking to find my favorite lashes as I have very short Asian lashes that are hard to work with haha…I really enjoy all yourblog posts!

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